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Her name was Ruth.

Same as my grandmother’s. She was somebody’s wife, but she was her own person too.

Monica Emmerson, her son, and a sippy cup

Terrorist? You decide.

Hat-tip Donna Woodka.

Update: Cannablog is pleased to join the sippy cup anti-massacre movement.

Update 2: Wow! in the comments below, suggests watching this:

Update 3: A commenter points out that if it had been milk in the sippy cup instead of water…:

As for milk, milk, formula and juice are allowed… perhaps you and Monica Emmerson need to read the rules. These are the same rules that guided my wife and I and we have had nary a problem with sippy cups.

Though I’m not sure, on reading these rules it only seems to say she could have milk or juice in the carry-on, not necessarily in the sippy cup, and not water. You have to be very careful reading these rules… I think if Monica had just said it was “nursery water” in the sippy cup they’d have let her go through without hassle, because they were trying to say it was okay if it was milk.

Not endorsed.

Mike Gravel is a decent man. He should not be president, but he should be respected.

Hat-tip to Melissa McEwan.

Resist the temptation, look away

The Editors of the Poor Man Institute would like to interrupt this seemingly non-stop coverage of Paris Hilton to remind our listening audience that what we’re desperately trying not to talk about is the fact that the President of the United States is a criminal. So we won’t talk about it and instead we’ll pretend nothing is happening in that corner until it is safe to say something.

Or maybe they had a whole different point entirely. But read their post on A Series of Unfortunate Events.

If you use antibiotics on food, they will become ineffective as medicine