Is milk good or bad? Yes. Definitely, or not.

Hat-tip Chester.

Aspartame: Brought to you by Donald Rumsfeld

Stay away from artificial sweeteners.

An addictive synthetic neurotoxic stimulant ought to be regulated as a drug, not a food additive.

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World.

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San Francisco

Even “reasonable conservatives” forget the first half of the second amendment

Jon Swift has an idea:

It is the Second Amendment that makes our country free. A Global Second Amendment would make the world free. Nuclear proliferation could be the key to making the world safe for democratic proliferation.

We’d have to accept a Nuclear Regulatory Body, being necessary to the security of a free World.

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And now, for something completely different

“Enhanced interrogation”

psssst…Do Something!

hat-tip wt.

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Things to hear and read

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Must read

Xeni Jardin posts comments on the situation with the media equivalent of RNC (“Faux”) News in Venezuela.

Might also watch, per recommendation:

Make up your own mind, and speak it.

Make peace now.

Fair use

I just find the links Danny, I don’t post the video. Maybe I help you find the link so you can notify the poster by reproducing it here.

P.S. This video deserves to be spread widely.

Sunday afternoon movie

Update: Full-screen.

Saturday night movie

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing?

ABC News (hat-tip Monkeyfister):

As President Bush took a question Thursday in the White House Rose Garden about scandals involving his Attorney General, he remarked, “I’ve got confidence in Al Gonzales doin’ the job.”

Simultaneously, a sparrow flew overhead and left a splash on the President’s sleeve, which Bush tried several times to wipe off.

Here’s video (hat-tip Melissa McEwan):

Well, it doesn’t quite match ABC’s telling.


Friday night music documentary

Mr. President, it’s time for you to choose.

E-mail is inherently insecure

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Site news and thanks

So my pal Monkeyfister says he’s going out of town for the Memorial day weekend, tells his readers to come by here because I always have such great films on the weekend.

I appreciate it, really, but I’m going out of town too.

So I put some things on autoqueue, and you should enjoy them I hope. Maybe Whitishrabbit will post some things as well if she’s around. I may be spending a few days away from the computer altogether, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t consider my readers.

If you’re new to Cannablog, welcome.

I’m still here until Saturday morning, so don’t be surprised to see a few more current event type posts until then.

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It didn’t harm Bob Dylan’s performance


New York, NY: Experienced marijuana users perform tasks as accurately after having smoked cannabis as they do sober, according to clinical trial data published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology.

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Happy birthday Bob Dylan

Democrats: End the war or your party. Your choice.

Do not pass a funding bill that does not end the war.

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Update: A special comment from Keith Olbermann (hat-tip Melissa McEwan):

50,000 hits

WordPress says we just hit the half century thousand mark.

This is an open thread.

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Monica Goodling admits breaking the law

She didn’t mean to do it.

Remember, she has immunity. Whatever acts she undertook they were not of her own devising, she was working for people who wanted it done.

Hat-tip Paul Kiel.

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Tuesday night movie

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.

Immigration bill

Harry Reid (on NewsHour tonight):

“One of the things that I like about this bill is there’s so much disagreement. And I say that because no one’s happy.”

Dude, don’t pass the bill.

The idea that a consensus should make everyone unhappy does not make sense. Not at all. And I’m perfectly stoned enough to say so.

It isn’t Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Unhappiness, after all.

The 1st web video presidential primary

Hat-tip Egalia.


Lindsay Beyerstein:

Disgraced World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz will still collect his $400,000 performance bonus on June 1st, even though he is resigning over corruption charges.

Reinvocation (Belgium)

Return Dull Care.

Recommended listening:

“John’s Not Taken”

Res ipsa loquitur

Mustang Bobby (commenting at Shakesville):

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the three-times-married, twice-divorced and admitted adulterer, decried a “growing culture of radical secularism” Saturday as he lionized the life of Liberty University’s late founder, Jerry Falwell, in an address to the school’s 2007 graduating class.

Impeach Alberto Gonzales

What Big Tent Democrat said. (Hat-tip the Xsociate.)

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Update: New video from Brave New Films:

Update 2: More from Donna Woodka.

He love my snork, yeah Mr. Wishing the Web

Shakira Shakira

Hat-tip James.

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End the war, then and now.

Het Meest onnodige Gebruik van het Woord “Belgium” in een Ernstige Campagne

Dank Xsociate (en Babelfish).

If it isn’t made in America…


Tell Congress in no uncertain terms that you, the American consumer and voter, want Country Of Origin Labels (COOL) legislation enacted immediately. You can contact members of the U.S. Senate here, and the House of Representatives here.

Giuliani’s campaign team

Giuliani's campaign team

Hat-tip and drawing by dhonig.

Surrender, monkey

Got nanners?

Hat-tip ¡El Gato Negro!

Who are these Faux “Dems”?

Booman writes:

The Dems have promised to produce something that will be signed by Memorial Day.

I certainly hope that this is not true, and would hope to expose whoever made such a promise as an idiot or a Republican, but I repeat myself.

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The United States of America

No IHOP job for Tom Friedman

Courtesy telephone

Maha on Melanie Morgan for Spocko.

Witness, receive and transmit.