How pot impairs driving

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.

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What everybody knows

Hat-tip Monkeyfister.

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Duckbill soup

Ombudsben, in a comment Down the Rabbit Hole:

John Lennon ate platypus, once. On a bet with Billy Joel, at a restaurant once that served rare species. (Not cooked rare–you could have well done, if you wanted.) Loki, god of mischief, cooked, and the bet involved monks and naked tango night at a Catholic church fundraiser for soft red-flannel shirts, which are now more endangered than spotted owls.

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It’s not only the crime itself, but the lies that followed

Rhonda Cook reports on the case of Kathryn Johnston in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which you can also read at the Media Awareness Project. This is an excerpt:

Five or six bullets hit the terrified woman. Authorities never figured out who fired the fatal bullet, the one that hit Johnston in the chest. Some pieces of the other bullets — friendly fire — hit Junnier and two other cops.

The officers handcuffed the mortally wounded woman and searched the house.

There was no Sam.

There were no drugs.

There were no cameras that the officers had claimed was the reason for the no-knock warrant.

Just Johnston, handcuffed and bleeding on her living room floor.

That is when the officers took it to another level. Three baggies of marijuana were retrieved from the trunk of the car and planted in Johnston’s basement. The rest of the pot from the trunk was dropped down a sewage drain and disappeared.

The three began getting their stories straight.

Hat-tip Pete Guither.

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Dennis Kucinich for president

Yeah, I’m endorsing three people now. Who says I can’t?

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Can’t you see that little light over there?

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