And the band played on…

Monkeyfister has Love & Rockets version.

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Floating an idea…

This is a continuation of an earlier post on blogonomics.

What about a dues-optional voluntary association which could work to bring about the following outcomes and criteria for members.

  1. Members who are bloggers would receive some monthly stipend which could be very small, as little as a few dollars, but this would be promised every month as long as the member remained in good standing as a member blogger;
  2. In order to be a member in good standing, each person would have to be at all times sponsored by at least one other member also in good standing;
  3. Any member can sponsor any number of members, and be sponsored by any number of members;
  4. Sponsors can withdraw sponsorship at any time and for any reason, but members must have a way to communicate need and have sufficient time to obtain new sponsorship if necessary;
  5. Non-bloggers can also be members and would receive no stipend, they must otherwise meet the same requirements and have the same membership rights as member bloggers.

It’s just a starting point for discussion.

Ten things I hate about commandments

War. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Hat-tip Nicole Belle.

The joy of hemp

Eurocentric, but good.

My generation remembers, and we do not forget the terrible price inflicted. We need a time to heal.

The times in which this was made and broadcast, we were children, they could say no more than this much. We can say more now. We need to learn to live in peace with one another and to respect our different traditions, while allowing our children to go outside our old traditions. We need to acknowledge that the sins of our forefathers are visited upon their victims, and make our own apologies for having the fruits of injustice. Yet the good that our fathers did may outweigh any incidental harm if we can all find a way to share the fruits of joy and love with one another.

I ask forgiveness of all who may think I have done them a harm by existing, or by accepting any gift which helps to sustain my life, if it ever occurred at your expense and without permission. I do not wish to be led astray from the truth by hopes of wealth, but I wish to preserve and protect that which is valuable to all of humankind.

If you feel I have done a greater harm, or if I have done one that could not be avoided that requires more explanation, I will ask that I be told. This is not the place for putting personal grievances which require knowledge of who I am, but to what you see before you. If you feel I am unjust or wrong, tell me so.