On “supporting the troops”

Maryscott O’Connor:

It’s a fucking nightmare, man. You know that expression, “War is hell?” You never really understand that until you’re in it. There’s blood everywhere. Dead bodies everywhere. ALMOST dead bodies. You want to put them out of their misery but then it’s an execution. So you have to leave them there, dying, suffering, slowly, in agony — it ‘s fucking awful.


My wife: “I just agreed with Geraldo. I feel icky.”

This is where Bill O’Reilly went off the deep end without checking first to see if there was water in the pool.

Unfortunately (for him), no water.

Hat-tip Think Progress.

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Update: More from Brad Friedman.

Father of the modern Republican party

Any questions?

Hat-tip Cory Doctorow.


Jackie Mason.

Nicole Belle writes,

I heard this yesterday and it had me laughing.  Jackie Mason, Borscht Belt comic and apparent Republican, has written a book entitled “Schmucks” which he went on The Young Turks to publicize.  When asked to name a political schmuck in the book, Jackie hems a bit and then says “Al Gore” and questions why Al Gore thinks he’s such a expert on global warming.  The conversation devolves from there.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the death of Casey Sheehan.


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National journalists believe you should trust them

Greenwald recounts a personal interview with Jeffrey Schneider, Senior Vice President of ABC News, regarding their story about Iran’s alleged Uranium enrichment activities. Schneider refuses to divulge any more info on the sources for that story nor even who in ABC News decided what attribution was appropriate.

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