Cannabis treats attention deficit disorder, according to physicians

Keith Olbermann has the story,

Hat-tip Tanya.

8 Responses to “Cannabis treats attention deficit disorder, according to physicians”

  1. blake weaver Says:

    i was diagnosed w/ add and adhd and would like to know the process by which i may recieve legal marijuana i live in colo thank you

  2. Michael Says:

    I don’t know what the current laws are in Colorado, nor whether a physician would be able to recommend it to you for your condition. Federal laws are another matter entirely.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    As of now marijuana cannot be dispensed for treatment of add. You should be able to get it for cronic back pain though. This symptom is not testable by the dr. otherwise, I would sugest that you grow it yourself. I live in CO and have a difficult time gathering information about the legal uses and how to obtain/ which dr.’s perscribe medical MJ. I’m sure you would have to see a dr. in Boulder. Self cultivation is very rewarding but, sometimes paranoying. Make sure you pay cash for equipment.

  4. aly cullen Says:

    yep. i want a cannabis cookie for breakfast from now on..

  5. Ben Says:

    I have ADD and ADHD and have been smoking pot for a year now and it has helped me immensely.

  6. Shana Says:

    I have A.D.D.
    I also smoke Marijuana illegally, oops. I have been through all the A.D.D. testing and I know I have it. It runs in the family. I am currently prescribed Vyvanse, it helps me concentrate, but I don’t like alot of the side effects. One, it makes me loose my appetite, some times I’d go a week without eating and that’s not healthy. I also have insomnia and adding a stimulant doesn’t help well either. I smoke marijuana because my thoughts are going so fast through my head that I can’t even think. But when I smoke it seems to slow things down so I can actually think about something for more than 2 seconds. It helps alot with my anger that comes with having A.D.D. In frustrating situations where I’d normally lose my cool and explode which results in yelling and breaking things, sometimes my anger is so bad I end up hurting myself, but when I am under the influence I am chill as a cucumber.

  7. California Smoker Says:

    I have ADD and have experienced a lot of stress while working. I’ve been diagnosed with ADD as a child and have been through the ritalin phase to no avail. I have been through a lot of depression and have been through anti-depression medicine as well.

    I plan on getting a medical marijuana card myself when I’m able to as well. I will definitely say that marijuana has literally saved my mind from total mental meltdown, which was contributed by my anxieties. I fully stand behind medicinal marijuana legalization and fully support this type of treatment. I know kids shouldn’t be smoking but given the right amount of digestive doses, it will definitely save a lot of lives through regulation and control.

  8. Yolanda Says:

    I have Adult ADD. I was diagnosed at 15. I realised that I greatly enjoy tasks that I otherwise consider impossible to start like cleaning, studying, etc when i am high. I run an anonymous blog, and I will publish my results from testing it out further on there. (I’m going to make tiny little mini firecrackers and eat them throughout the day when I can) I am a young, Australian female.

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