Dick Cheney writes incriminating note blaming “the Pres.

Shakes has the story.

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John Edwards for president

Not an endorsement, but a consideration.

Melissa McEwan, also known as Shakespeare’s Sister, is going to be working for his campaign.

Shakes has my endorsement, as you already know. I’m not making decisions on who I think should be president in 2009, when the question of who should be president in 2007 is more, shall we say, urgent.

I have to make one point and that is I would like a clear statement from John Edwards on medical marijuana. It would be helpful if he would state his own use, and if he has ever tried cannabis, whether he believes it should be prohibited.

My opinion is largely contingent upon his willingess to state a position on this issue.

Hat-tip Skippy.

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Those who give shall receive

Light blogging

I am working on a music synthesizer to demonstrate some of the principles that I’ve been studying and writing about for the past several years. Music and color and rhythm are all used to communicate, all can be languages, simultaneously with words and images, and it is done all the time by intuition. Our formal languages for describing them are too limited, our older instruments incapable of retuning dynamically and automatically, excepting the human voice.

So the end result of this is that I will spend less time blogging and more time programming for awhile. On the other hand, knowing myself I will still spend a fair amount of time doing this too, else losing touch with what is going on in the world, but I might have less time or inclination to post substantively.