How we are told we cannot vote and be counted

So I had an interesting conversation, first with Lauren at the Registrar of Voters in Oakland, California, who informed me that if I was not registered to vote already then I would only be allowed to cast a provisional ballot, which she further informed me would probably not be counted. She clarified that it might be counted but only if approved by a supervisor. I double checked the spelling of her name and asked her if she was the only Lauren in this office, and she assured me that she was. She then asked if I would like to speak to the supervisor right now.

I said that would be fine, so she put me on hold, and a few minutes later a woman came on the line whose name I could not accurately hear, it was something like Barlica. That may be correct, but if not I apologize. Barlica asked me how she could help me and I recounted my conversation with Lauren for her. I said that in Pennsylvania it had been possible to vote in the county courthouse on election day, and asked whether this was also possible in California.

Instead of answering my question, Barlica asked when I had moved to California. I informed her that it had been about three months. She stated that if I had not registered in that time then I would not be allowed to vote. She informed me that she did not wish to debate this with me, although I was only asking for information on what procedure existed for me to vote.

She then asked if I would like to leave a message for her supervisor’s voicemail, and I agreed to do so. The voicemail identified the speaker as Cynthia Cornejo (spelling not provided, so may be incorrect). I left a detailed message and my phone number for her to get in touch, and that is where the matter now stands.

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