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It is time for us to take the reins, I suppose. We have the choice of letting the government die at the hands of those who despise, or treating it as our own which it was meant to be, and which it will now become.

A social government, which provides people with help, and does not persecute the sick.

Good bread

Always use non-metal containers and utensils, please.

Mix olive oil with honey to create an emulsion, add herbs.

Add to organic flour and purified water mixture with some organic raisins.

Let it sit to develop a starter yeast.

Every time you feed your starter, use these ingredients. You might want to add some finely ground sea salt along with your herbs.

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Barack Obama for president

I wrote about Barack a month and a half ago, when he was unwilling to commit to run for president in 2008. Now that he has indicated his intention to do so, it is interesting to observe there are no arrows being fired at his back.

He is now the presumptive Democratic nominee for 2008, in my estimation.

Good on you, Barack.

Say hello

This will be another day and another

I’m back from the first day of the Wonders of Cannabis Festival, and there is so much to say I don’t know where to begin.

We have the bread and the oil now.

I had a fan call me, and ask to meet me privately in a dark place, which is not going to happen. I do not intend to be rude to anyone, but nobody meets another person privately and in the dark for any good reason.

I was given assistance from an angel, and safe passage from a kind woman.

Jack Herer asked me for my vote, and I cannot deny him. I will write more on this when I can, but I will have to see how I can cast a ballot without giving improper authority to anyone.

It is late, and I have much to think about, so I won’t post more until later. Since there will be another day of festival on Sunday, I won’t expect to post much this weekend.