Please think before you vote

Democrats and many progressives who support them have been staying away in droves from talking about the upcoming election fraud possibilities, for fear of demoralizing their base and making their expected Democratic victory doubtable, even though there is no evidence that Democrats or progressives have ever done anything or benefitted from election fraud. In other words, there is a crime being committed on behalf of a criminal conspiracy of Republicans, and the Democrats are scared to stand against it under the theory of “he who smelt it dealt it”-blame.

Okay, look. Most of your elections are going to be conducted electronically this year. There is no reason to believe any of the results, as these electronic voting machines are proven to be hackable and have displayed glitches that evidence deliberate flaws.

Everyone who is focusing on GOTV needs to at least think about what you are going to do when the election is over, no matter what results are going to be reported. Nobody can trust these results, and certainly it will be in the interest of Republicans to say so if they are shown to lose.

The voting machines are suspect. The voting machines cannot be trusted. The voting machines are not part of democracy.

Open thread

I don’t have much to say right now, tired and operating on less sleep than I’d prefer. The big festival is tomorrow (well, later today) and Sunday. I’ll try to have some updates soon.