Silencing hate speech

You cannot silence speech because you find it hateful, unless you want your own speech to be silenced. A moment like this in historical terms should remind you what can happen when hateful people are in power — they will call peace speech hateful and attempt to ban that. Nor has it been safe from such prohibitions in the past, nor will it ever be if we would ban the speech of those who hate.

To ban their speech would not alter their opposition, it would not thereby transform their hatred into love. Rather, they will speak against you privately, and they will raise up an army against you and defeat you. The solution to hate speech is more speech of a peaceful nature.

Light blogging

The Cannabis Action Network and Ed Rosenthal are presenting a Wonders of Cannabis festival in San Francisco on the 28th and 29th of October. I’ve been asked to help out this week so that will reduce my time spent blogging here for a bit. I’ll try to keep putting up at least a post every day so keep stopping back for updates.

You can use this as an open thread if you want, but those never seem to attract much interest here, so just comment anywhere you want, everyone else does.