If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out

The Rude Pundit gives the score on the Iraq war. How many innocents will you kill, maim and torture for the sake of winning an unwinnable war? Will you destroy your own children and your own brothers and sisters? Will you destroy yourself?

And Creature quotes Reuters,

The U.S. military announced on Wednesday the deaths of 10 U.S. troops in Iraq on Tuesday, an unusually bloody day for American soldiers battling sectarian violence and a Sunni Arab insurgency.

How many more? How much hatred do you want the Iraqis to feel? How much longer?

Thinking is the first step of the doing…

If you are thinking badly now, relax and float down stream. If you are thinking well, then speak. For you have a choice, but test your own fruit and see whether it is sweet or it is bitter.

This tree is not the tree of suffering. This is the tree of life, and the fruit thereof is exceptional.

This is what democracy requires at a minimum

Debra Bowen, running for secretary of the state of California, has proposed the following “Voter Bill of Rights.” As a matter of civil rights, those which proceed from the nature of a government which purports to be democratic in nature, these seem like rather obvious ones which unfortunately do not seem to be respected in the present federal and state administrations. These are the rights she pronounces.

  1. The right to register to vote.
  2. The right to vote.
  3. The right to vote in a tamper-proof election.
  4. The right to vote on paper.
  5. The right to have each vote counted accurately.
  6. The right to have election results properly audited.
  7. The right to an open, transparent, public process.
  8. The right to elections officials who operate free of partisan influence.
  9. The right to know that elected officials are free from the influence of campaign contributions from voting machine vendors.
  10. The right to find out how money is being raised and spent in the political process.

If you can’t get those guarantees, there is no way to avoid electoral corruption, which results in a denial of democracy.

Hat-tip to Brad Friedman.