What Sinéad said to Peter

It needed to be said, and I hope they will talk.

You know sometimes words have two meanings

Does anybody remember laughter?

God for scientists

We’re all religious down here, not one of us does not worship God. We give different names, there are said to be nine million. Some of us say God, some Christ, some Buddha, some Universe. Scientists too, they worship God, they study his/her works. The skeptical perspective is not Godless, it is exceedingly God-like. The promotion of one’s own consciousness to the evaluative and creating God which is within oneself is not to be despised but recognized and welcomed, so long as it does not go further than this into solipsism. For one’s recognition of one’s own God-nature should never preclude or interfere with recognizing the equality of everyone’s God-nature.

Some of us are blind to one another, and that is the cause of fear and confusion, which leads to anger and hatred, and thence to warfare and suffering. We should stop doing that because you are only hurting yourselves. Look with fresh eyes and see, this is not a fight to the death, this is a process of learning to live. Do you want to live? Do not kill.

Did this generation of Americans take the threat seriously?

Hat-tip to Attaturk.

Say hello

to Charles Gittings. His project to enforce the Geneva Conventions is perhaps symmetrical to my own efforts, and although I have had yet too little time to evaluate his work to comment substantively, there is room and need for as many people doing this as possible. It does not matter for now if we duplicate effort, it does not matter if we fail to establish an overarching structure for our investigations until such later time as we can feasibly do so. What is important is that we all do our own part.