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Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)

You don’t think so? What other victory condition could possibly exist now for the the kleptocrats who started this war? Joshua Holland at Alternet has more.

Hat-tip to Danny Schechter.

ASA release on Ed Rosenthal and Rick Watts

Ed Rosenthal and Rick Watts were arraigned in federal court in San Francisco today before Magistrate Larson. The government explained its 25-count indictment, which included charges of manufacture and distribution of marijuana, maintaining a place for manufacture and distribution, possession for the purpose of distribution, conspiracy, money laundering, and tax evasion. Ken Hayes was named in the indictment, but was not present for the arraignment. The three defendants have different and overlapping charges. Each of them face life in prison and millions of dollars in fines.

Both defendants present pleaded not guilty. The issue of bail was continued until later in the week due to confusion around the original bonds in the case and whether they are still standing. Regardless of the bond status, the government is seeking $100,000 bond each for both Rosenthal and Watts. There will be a bond hearing for Watts on Thursday, October 19 at 9:30am, and a bond hearing for Rosenthal on Friday, October 20 at 11:30am. Both hearings are before Magistrate Laporte in San Francisco federal district court.

Today, Magistrate Larson scheduled the next status conference for Rosenthal and Watts on Wednesday, October 25 at 2:15pm. That status conference is before Judge Breyer, and will be the first proceeding before Breyer regarding the new superseding indictment.


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You can double your intelligence, for free

A little realized fact is that humans are possessed of two brains, not just one. We have a left and right hemisphere, each of which is capable of independent parallel operation, and can substitute for the other under some circumstances. There is a correlation between the left brain (hemisphere) and right physical activity, and conversely between the right brain and left physical activity.

It is possible, of course, to use both hemispheres together, to think simultaneously with your left and your right brain. It is possible for them to work together to help you achieve a balance of purpose and action. It is possible to speed your powers of observation and analysis by combining them.

We have shunned doing so by appointing gender identities to each half. Men are often taught to think exclusively with their analytic left hemisphere, and women with their intuitive right. And of course men and women both do cross over, especially when they find themselves more skilled at one or the other kind of thinking. Ideally everyone does cross repeatedly from left to right and from right to left in order to develop skill in both, and confidence in combining them.

A poem

Written by my friend Toker00.

Marijuana makes me think
about another thought
I had one time before I knew
My country had been bought.

I thought one time, before I knew,
How freedom seemed so real,
How people smiled and tipped their hats
And told you how they feel.

Till video games came along
And stole our child’s imagination.
Before the day I found out the Truth
About Major Corporations.

I had been told to toe the line
Don’t question those who lead us
Just live your life and make life better
For those who must succeed us.

I tried so hard to do just that
I worked and saved and struggled,
Till piss tests forced upon us all
Left me down and troubled.

I knew, before, no one had asked
For a bottle of my Pee Pee,
So why must I now have to pull it out
Where lab coats all can see me?

What happened here to change the path
Of normal, Free Men living?
To change the path of America
The world once saw as giving?

Now the bombs explode each day
To remind us all of TERROR
The price we pay for letting leaders
Decide for us in error.

I like to think this thought I think
Before I Knew of PNAC
Before I learned of Bush and Co.
And that our soldiers would not be back.

Before the Towers got knocked down
Our Constitution shredded,
Before we heard about the ones
The wicked had be-headed.

Before the nightly news broadcasts
Were twisted and perverted
Before the Truth and common sense
Would soon become deserted.

So I think this thought I like to think
As often as I dare
And dream of days when War is gone
And once again we care.

To smile and wave and tip our hats
To people that we know,
And live our lives in harmony,
The ONLY way to go!


In which the nature of reality is explored, with pictures

I was reading an interesting article yesterday about fractal evolution. As a metaphor, I believe it is a good one and maps to reality very closely. Everything in nature is fractal, nothing is continuously smooth, down to the smallest subatomic particles. Life is fractal, and self-similar at all levels. God is a fractal, of which we are each a perspective and a microcosm from which can be deduced all the parts and the whole. As above, so below the saying goes.

So I can show a picture of a fractal, a particular image, created by a purely mathematical process combined with a good eye for beauty, and this is a photograph of sorts. It can be a picture of a single person, who is an aspect of God. All of us have such pictures of ourselves, if we could find them. As it is, perhaps arbitrary to say that this one picture represents that one person, it is nonetheless true in a sense that it conveys an understanding which is not purely visual.

For instance, I gave a picture before of Ed Rosenthal. Or this could be a picture of myself.

You might not see anything but a blob, it might not seem like anything at all. You might see something and say it is not me. You might see something and say it is something else entirely. This is all true from the perspective of the one who sees it, or does not. There is not an absolute truth that can be expressed in words, nor in any single set of perceptions. God is all perceptions.