In which I tell people to stop supporting monsters

I’ve added Bad Attitudes to the blogroll, I’ve been reading them for awhile and they’re good people.

Wayne Uff has a good way of explaining the situation in North Korea, and yes, he does blame George Bush. It’s something that people on the right have been finding very funny, the quickness with which the left blames him. What should make them sad, is that he really does screw up that much and that badly.

Let me try to make this clear to you, because you don’t always see what’s right in front of your face. A little distance and perspective can help. Do you remember how badly you thought Clinton did his job? Do you remember how you blamed him for everything? George Bush is that bad and worse. You don’t believe it because you supported him and you don’t want to take responsibility for that.

So what I’m saying is, look at the pictures of torture and tell me you still support him, or else admit you made a mistake and let’s talk.

Would you like to play a game?

Request for assistance

Glenn Greenwald is an invaluable member of Blogtopia. His site is one that I visit every day, and recommend to my readers. Glenn does more to research the legal perspective on the criminals in government than anyone I know. Once he was a high paid attorney himself, but he decided that it was more important to pursue justice than wealth.

That does not mean he does not need to eat, and feed his family.

Glenn is asking you for a little help. Buy him a sandwich or a dinner, whatever you can afford. But please help, unless you are also a starving blogger. We all need to be able to do what we are doing here and not see our community unable to survive for lack of ability to sustain ourselves.

When you kill for lies, it is murder

George Bush may have murdered more than half a million people, so far. That’s a pretty big butcher’s bill. It doesn’t rise to the level of an Adolph Hitler, but it’s a fair number in historical terms.

That’s according to a study that was conducted under the supervision of Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, that will be published in the British medical journal, the Lancet.

Matt Bargainer has the story.

Update: Glenn Greenwald has more perspective on this.

An innocent man was tortured

Jose Padilla is not a terrorist. He never was. The administration admitted as much, after holding him for more than three and a half years while refusing to file charges. Jose Padilla is an American.

You can read his current brief here, from which the following excerpt is taken courtesy of Glenn Greenwald.

In an effort to gain Mr. Padilla’s “dependency and trust,” he was tortured for nearly the entire three years and eight months of his unlawful detention. The torture took myriad forms, each designed to cause pain, anguish, depression and, ultimately, the loss of will to live. The base ingredient in Mr. Padilla’s torture was stark isolation for a substantial portion of his captivity.

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Healing families

So we have a new troll here at the cannablog, his name is James, and he’s apparently visiting us to share his right-wing theories on the need for nuclear war or something. Anyhow he popped over to a recent thread and made a sexual suggestion that had an implication of violence and just sheer nastiness. It got me to wondering why people are nasty.

The funny thing is I haven’t met any nasty people in a long time. Since I’ve been in Berkeley. It’s just nice people here, or at least every single person I’ve met. So I have a little bit of distance and perspective on the question.

Nasty people are signaling, intentionally or not, that they do not care about people other than themselves. When people are nasty, stay away. But some women are attracted to nasty men. Why? They don’t want a relationship. And this works out fine for the nasty men, because they want sex without strings and that’s exactly what they get.

You really do get what you set your mind to.

So this is really one consequence of sexual addiction, it is the fruit of that tree. Nor can a sexual addict stay faithful to a spouse. The routine and lack of achievement would spoil it, and they will go in search of other fields.

Here’s another thing cannabis cures, by becoming a better habit. Cannabis is not addictive, as has been repeatedly proven. It can be as pleasurable as sex. Truly it can. It can replace the need for constant sexual stimulation, and save that for those times it is appropriate. It can help to keep families together.

And it can also enhance sex.

Pretending it never happened

North Korea tested a nuclear weapon, by indications that are sufficiently convincing to almost any impartial scientist. They announced their planned test, and seismologists confirmed it either happened or a freak earthquake hit at the same time and place as the test was to take place. The odds of that? Less than calculable.

So it is with some bemusement but a good deal of relief to note that the administration here has held to its incompetent approach to everything, and acted as if there was some controversy over whether a test was performed at all. My expectation yesterday and warning was implicitly based upon the theory that this would be taken political advantage of to justify a new war. Perhaps they considered this approach and got cold feet, and a good thing for them and all of us too that they didn’t do it.

The truth is we can’t predict the future with much accuracy. It’s still worth guessing what might happen in order to prepare for the contingency, and be ready to respond. Sometimes just floating a ridiculous idea can help to prevent it from happening, immunizing us to the possibility. Anyhow, I guessed wrong.