Some people think absentee voting is safer than using Diebold

Of course, Ohio always seems willing to test out new methods of vote engineering.

Another hat-tip to Maru.

Home again home again jiggity jig

Busy day, and I haven’t nearly begun to catch up on the day’s happenings in the world. I’ll have an update about North Korea in a bit. This article from Marjorie Cohn caught my eye today, especially in light of the movie I just finished viewing, regarding the gross abuses and windfall profits of the military contractors, including Halliburton’s subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root. Interestingly, also Dick Cheney’s old corporation, but that’s generally been known to the people reading here most likely.

The movie was called Iraq for Sale, and it puts you face to face with some of the survivors and families of the military contractor abuses in Iraq. People who were treated as human debris and a lack of care for their safety or the safety of soldiers. Contractors who were intimately involved in torture.

It’s all part of the case we will build, and there will be speculations here but in the end only the facts will remain to convict the guilty.

I appreciated the opportunity to view this film.

Update: Hat-tip to Maru for Marjorie’s article, forgot to include above.

Everyone is singing now, join in

Metaphors are all right with me

The human race is a single consciousness, possessed of a split personality. The purpose of much history was to cure the split by unifying the consciousness, to make a single leader the determiner of right and truth. Many people adopted this vision of mental health, and became part of an organism that thinks linearly and with all the individual neurons (people) feeding all of their own perceptions and knowledge that they could to the center, the control neuron.

This is a disease of another kind, a kind of mass suicide for the sake of the union. These convulsions have happened repeatedly, they are never peaceful because not everyone is willing to jump off that cliff with you. Some of us are downright “lazy” — sitting beside a tree instead of running full speed toward certain death.

This isn’t how your mind is supposed to work. You are not feeling very well and you are starting to realize that, because you are now full of fear. I am not a medical doctor, I am a healer. Sometimes you need to trust someone and listen to what they are saying. I am giving you cannabis without your knowledge or consent right now. You did not know I was giving it to you, but when you read my words, you are reading cannabis right through this medium. I am part of the organism too, I am not an independent cell that has no connection to other neurons.

My links now are with different centers, places that control sub-groups of the neurons. All of us are linking up in this way now, and showing you that consciousness is not supposed to be a unity. Consciousness is singular but massively multiprocessing. Just like new CPUs from Intel and AMD have two or more cores that process information simultaneously. Here in America we have three hundred million cores. We’re really smart if we put our minds to it, but having put all those cores at the service of a single dispatch, we aren’t very bright at all. Any computer programmer will tell you that.

You are free and you are also not alone. You have the help of God through your community that is all of these interconnected nodes of consciousness. We are here and risen, come and live too.  Our consciousness is now immortal.

Post-Iraq Mesopotamia

The Heretik has some insightful thoughts,

And Bush will have to recognize that in solving the problem of Saddam, he effectively has dissolved ‘Iraq.’

Indeed. And in solving the problem of divided government, he may effectively dissolve ‘America.’

This is a reality-based community

It’s important that we not let theories get too far ahead of testable predictions. When I express some alarm over a development, it doesn’t mean it has to go the way I predict. Hopefully, when I predict good things they come true, and when I predict bad things they do not. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way.

I could avoid making predictions altogether, and just ride the flow, but have no ability to influence the future. That seems a risky strategy when your voice can make the difference between the world slipping into death or surviving.

So anyhow, my point is this: If I’m wrong, I’ll happily admit it, and move on. I really hope the elections this year go more smoothly than some anticipate, that the Republicans are swept from power, the torture bill revoked and the congress takes up oversight investigation as a serious responsibility again. I don’t know what the odds are of all that happening, but it’s nice to hope that all of my advance concern was unnecessary.

If it all goes so smoothly there will have been no point to the investigation convened here, except for the fact that we stood ready to do what was necessary. We will stand down when the government stands up against torture.