Brad counsels a measured response

There is no avoiding this distraction. The pliant media will beat the drums and there will be no measured pace of fear, because the administration has no alternative right now. This is not about winning a mid-term election, and it is not business as usual.

But if you want a more tempered projection, Brad Friedman expects a slowly unfolding storyline. I do not think you can afford to wait to consider how to respond, whatever pace will be necessary.

A lot of people took a wait and see after September 11, 2001.

Nothing to watch now, just listen a while

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And the dead shall rise


It’s October.

Kim Jong Il is George Bush’s new bestest friend.

We have always been at war with Eastasia

By the time this hits the talking head circuit tomorrow, the new enemy will be North Korea.

Iran? We have never been at war with Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.

Wake up and play now

Adolf builds a bonfire, Enrico plays with it

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

Hat-tip to Shakespeare’s Sister.

Let the sun shine

The always insightful Sara Robinson has a post up yesterday on Orcinus, explaining the psychological impact of sexual abuse by trusted Republicans on the political system and society at large. This is an issue which transcends party and politics, it goes to our basic sense of right and wrong. There have been too many victims and it is past time that we shine some sunlight on the problem.

Kim Jong Il you have been recognized

Kim Jong Il is not entirely George Bush‘s fault. His lack of capacity to handle even simple diplomacy with allies makes it all the more impossible for him to negotiate with adversaries. My point is that this is not a situation entirely of George’s making.

A commenter on First Draft got me thinking about Korea. The US government has declined to recognize two states, there is only one Korea with two governments in a frozen civil war, an armistice declared a half century ago.

North Korea of course wants to be recognized, and is doing stuff to draw attention to itself so that they have to be acknowledged at the table. So do that, and stop being babies about it.

Some parents think it is a good way to deal with misbehaving children, to ignore them until they start being obedient. Those children may grow up pretending to obey, but they will resent it. They wind up dictators, like Kim Jong Il and like George Bush.

Jim Kolbe has done the right thing now

By coming forward with what he knows about sexually explicit solicitation of minors in the house of representatives, Jim Kolbe, a retiring member of that body, has done the right thing.

There is more he should do, and take responsibility for not having done more to stop this when he first discovered it five or more years ago. Nor do I think his motivations ought to be excluded from scrutiny. It may be that Jim Kolbe was himself courting these young people, but was doing so in a more delicate and implicit fashion. Even if so, there is no shame that he ought to feel for his thoughts if he took no improper actions.

It is important to discuss only in order to understand why he would not have said something sooner. His sense of shame, perhaps, for having the feelings he did, prevented his stepping forward and confessing his love for teens.

Jim Kolbe, you are shamed only for not stopping the molestation which may have transpired. You are asked to say what you know about everything that might help us discover where more secrets may be uncovered.

Jonathan Weisman in the Washington Post has the story.

Hat-tip to Christy Hardin Smith.

Update: Please observe Exhibit A – the Final Vote Results for Roll Call 508, on passage of the Military Commissions Act.

Jim Kolbe – Yea.

You are accused of committing a war crime. Please tell us everything you know.