Troubling, but expected

Once you begin to out people who do wrong, you are inevitably going to reveal privacies of those who have done nothing wrong at all. I am not opining here on who does or does not deserve protection, because deserved or not there cannot be the same privacy during an investigation as there is ordinarily. That is the reason the administration wants to wiretap everyone, they are “conducting an investigation.” The problem is, of course, they will find people who had nothing to do with what they were originally investigating, and then they will discover facts which incriminate those people.

The problem now is that the rest of us have too little information. The administration is holding people hostage by knowing their deepest, darkest secrets, and can say to members of congress that they had better do what the administration wants, or they will not only be embarrassed from office, many of them will go to jail.

Yes, Mark Foley.

And it is a continuing threat, laying over the whole government, that he can do it again. And again. He can be as judicious or liberal with his disclosures as he wants to be.

Who is “he”? Good question. Could be Cheney. Could be Rove. We’ll find out by the time our public investigation is through. Or it could be that my accusation is completely off base and they will all be acquitted. That is for the public jury to decide, when the information has been gathered and the relative probity of the evidence weighed.

David Corn reports that a site by the name of Blogactive has published a list of names. I do not intend to bias you in any way, if you choose to view that list weigh it carefully for relevance and do not condemn anyone on the basis of a single accusation. There is nothing wrong with people having secrets, and having lifestyles that you might not approve of. There is something wrong when people are concealing secrets so powerful they will consent to authorize torture.

Update: I think this explanation by Michael is worth reading; you can pay whatever attention to the left column you like.

Rush Limbaugh: Today’s worst person in the world

Jane Hamsher informs us today (because I don’t want to listen to Rush myself, so it’s nice that others do so for me), that the junkie king of right-wing radio, who took a bottle of Viagra and a private flight to visit an island known for its underage sex workers, Rush Limbaugh himself, disclosed the name of the currently known teenage victim of Mark Foley’s solicitations on his radio program to his national audience.

Cannabis is superior to prescription drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition that causes memory loss and eventually death in people who suffer from advanced buildup of amyloid plaque in the brain. Typical prescription medications seek to maintain memory function and slow the rate of progressive decline, but none do so as successfully as cannabis according to a new study reported today by NORML:

More recently, investigators at The Scripps Research Institute in California reported that THC inhibits the enzyme responsible for the aggregation of amyloid plaque — the primary marker for Alzheimer’s disease — in a manner “considerably superior” to approved Alzheimer’s drugs such as donepezil and tacrine. “Our results provide a mechanism whereby the THC molecule can directly impact Alzheimer’s disease pathology,” researchers concluded. “THC and its analogues may provide an improved therapeutic [option] for Alzheimer’s disease [by]… simultaneously treating both the symptoms and the progression of [the] disease.”[2]

If you are reading this and have any reason to suggest that cannabis should not be legal as medicine, please make your argument. Otherwise, please think about talking to your doctor.

Update: CNN is reporting this story tonight as well.

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Christians should reject the Republican Party

Now they are outing the victims of their depredations, children who have been molested.

They have no shame and they must be shamed.

Hat-tip to Paul the Spud at Shakespeare’s Sister, celebrating their second blogiversary today.

Update: A footnote to Glenn Greenwald’s article this morning about the Foley scandal mentions that Dick Cheney is fully supporting Denny Hastert, who has been accused of covering up and exhibiting at the least willful negligence in the handling of the solicitation of minors by at least one member of congress.

Twenty million dollars to throw a party

Sounds pretty nice, what are we celebrating?

Hat-tip to Juan Cole.

Pete Guither is a genuine American patriot

He stands for truth and justice against the lies of the government, and then is told that he must have a permit to engage in free speech like Thomas Paine.

Read the text of the flyer which the government does not want to allow him to pass out.

But soon after he began handing the pamphlets out, museum officials confined him to what he said was an almost deserted stretch of sidewalk. Then a lawyer for the Chicago Park District told him the pamphlets were “commercial in nature” and that he needed a permit to distribute them at all.

There is nothing remotely commercial about deconstructing government lies. Pete is not selling anything or even asking for contributions, the latter which would also not be commercial even if he was. These are nothing more or less than pamphlets that are the backbone of the free press in America. Pamphlets like these are what enabled the colonists to resist British tyranny two hundred and thirty years ago.

Update: Cannabis News also has the text of the article and discussion.