It is better to be silly sometimes than serious always

Focus – Hocus Pocus (Live)

Especially serious times call for especially silly music.

Petition for a writ of grievances

So apparently, the right wing blogs are defecting from the congressional Republicans. The mess in the house of representatives was enough to wake them up to the hypocrisy of people who run on family values doing inappropriate things to teenagers that work for them, and for whom they are responsible in loco parentis.

But I bet they are still going to adhere to their leader, George Bush. And the corruption of congress will have facilitated a complete purge by the time it is through. I’ve done my part to help by suggesting that no secrets be kept for those who authorize torture, let all the details out. The danger is not over, it’s just begun.

They are perfectly happy to dissolve the Republican congressional party and become a purely Presidential party. This is incipient fascism, and there was no way to avoid that possibility once the congress dishonored itself on the torture vote.

Out this president too. Out the rest of the administration. All the details. Put them on trial now in the court of public opinion. Let witnesses charge them with the war crimes they have committed, and let us hear the evidence.

Out the House and Senate

Do it now. There is nothing to salvage of people who voted for torture, they are to be exposed. Their sins should be published in all the newspapers of the land, that they shall be pointed at and remembered for what they did.

Spare no detail that incriminates them. Make them understand that they are not going to be allowed to behave like such monsters any more.

Share everything you know, and end this disaster before more children get molested, before the concentration camps begin filling with victims of medical experiments and torture. It is happening here and now.

The torture bill should better be called the Bill of Abominations.

The liberal media

The administration and its rump Republicans have begun again to criticize the liberal media again, and those of us who thought it was a political label did not understand. Obviously the mainstream media is not pro-Democratic Party, so the accusation seems nonsensical.

But there is an older meaning of liberal which means freedom, and the media in this sense is just the neologism for what used to be called the press.

The condemnation is not on “political liberals,” it’s on the free press itself.

Light blogging

Medical consultations yesterday and today keep me from being here as many hours as usual, whereas I usually try to give my undivided attention to this blog at least eight hours a day. Consequently I’m catching up on a lot of reading and haven’t been able to write as much. Please feel free to use this as an open thread, I just wanted you to know.

How cannabis works

Cannabis does not actually cure anything. It treats pain and inflammation, which are obstructing the body from healing itself. Your body is a miraculous machine if considered in purely physical terms. Every single cell of your body is alive and growing, if it is not killed for some reason or due to some toxin. If you have no untreated genetic defect that causes you to slowly poison yourself, your body is continually replenishing itself and growing.

What we eat can poison us. What we take as medicine, which treats one condition but hurts us in other ways, can be deadly over time. Our body over time builds up inflammation due to the various toxins we have ingested. Our body knows how to heal itself if it has the tools, if the poison can be removed, and the inflammation reduced.

We do not stop growing when we reach an arbitrary age. We stop growing when our body is too tired of fighting all the time against its own breakdown due to pain and inflammation.

Of course then our bodies sometimes continue to try to grow, but without the ability to control that growth properly. This is cancer, and this will kill you eventually, unless your body learns to grow properly again. Reducing inflammation and pain with cannabis may help, depending on how advanced the cancer has grown and whether there is time to stop it. It cannot hurt cancer patients to use cannabis, it can only help them.

Cannabis has been called the fountain of youth, because it does allow your body to become young again. Some damage may be unavoidable, and death may be inevitable, but there need not be a complete decay until then.