Judge the tree by its fruit

John Nichols reveals the moral corruption at the heart of the Republican Party.

Update: And what is it about perverted old men in the congress who molest little boys, empowered in their authority by their fellow members who turn a blind eye in their own hypocrisy, and their addiction to alcohol?

You never hear about people who use cannabis molesting children, do you? That’s because even though perfectly nice and decent people drink alcohol, monsters can get drunk and forget their sorrows, or at least pretend. Cannabis is the opposite because, despite the reputed effect on short-term memory, it actually enhances recall of past events, and it makes you unable to look away from what you have done.

That’s why moralistic politicians and false preachers hate cannabis, it hates them. They hate God and they hate everything that reminds them that they are not what they pretend to be. These are not good Christians, though they wear their sanctity like a smirk.

Do you fear judgment? Then do not do what you have done and stop, talk to your inner self and find a way to confess. God will forgive you but you have to forgive yourself first and that isn’t going to happen with alcohol. God will forgive you once you’ve faced yourself and those you owe guilt towards, and resolved those as far as you are able to. Come clean, at once, or later you will be sorry.

Update 2: Now out come the justifications for child molestation by the right-wing conservatives. Yes, they will even go that far to defend themselves, when caught out as hypocrites of the first order. They have much to conceal.

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Update 3: It occurs to me that the Republican Party is often known by the initials, GOP (or NAMBLA, as Jon Stewart would say).

Update 4: Of course, Jon ran with a joke on this line but did it a lot better than me. Not that I was planning on becoming a humorist, for the most part. And we know that GOP now really stands for Grand Old Pedophiles (h/t Mayan).

Scratch and sniff

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Pooh has discovered the North Pole

This is the revolution, now

You can watch it on your television, but it will not be televised.

Make love, not war, that’s all we’re saying, just remember that.

Shutting down freedom of religion

There is more in store, as you already must suspect. Lindsay Beyerstein is still doing incredible investigative work on the traps that are being set to catch us all before we have a chance to notice. Freedom of religion is the foundation of this country, in theory. In practice it never was, only certain religions were given respect. The Native American tribes had religion, and they were told to convert or be massacred. They were massacred.

I hope you are not feeling too upset that I overturn your illusions. This was never a very free country, but it always had the imagination of becoming one. The fact is that we have moved closer to the ideal at the same time that other forces have been moving against us. The government has been taken over by people inimical to freedom, but we never planned for it to be otherwise when we made our constitution.

The purpose of that document was to slow the slide.

We are here now and there is no time. It is all as it is supposed to be but we have to wake up and take our places in the drama that unfolds. This illegitimate regime will be peacefully transformed by our truth.

Lindsay refers us to a Washington Post article from Saturday, by Erwin Chemerinsky, which reveals a little known bill that passed the house of representatives this summer.

The Public Expression of Religion Act – H.R. 2679 – provides that attorneys who successfully challenge government actions as violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment shall not be entitled to recover attorneys fees.