How pot makes you feel stupid

I used to be really smart, and I knew I was the smartest kid in the whole world. It wasn’t true, but I believed it. And I believed a lot of things that I don’t anymore.

Pot made me honest. It made me more humble. And what that felt like, at first, being in a state of mind that I was so damn smart, to realize I wasn’t. I’m good at some things, I think I write pretty well, when I put my mind to it. I think I communicate well this way, and if I’m a little socially awkward, well it will get better with time.

It felt like I was stupid. Like I had no idea what I was talking about half the time. I had read something or been told something and I just repeated it because it was what I wanted to believe. You can’t penetrate this shell, with logic. You have to convince the person to break out on his or her own.

Pot does this. It makes us wake up inside, so we can perceive ourselves as we truly are. That can be an overjoyful experience for some people, who think themselves small and of no importance. But it can be a crushing blow to a person that thought himself so superior.

Conservatives go stark paranoid on cannabis. They really do. And a lot of the neolibertarian and neoconservative insanity is paranoia on a grand scale. Those pot smoking libertarians have talked themselves into a fantasy world of total freedom for themselves no matter how many others have to suffer or be enslaved.

So part of the peace we need to settle is between ourselves, and it’s not going to be easy, but you can’t kill us off. There are too many cannabis users, there are more than you can count, and we are going to survive. You cannot make a law which is going to target only one of us, and you cannot protect yourselves from your own allies when they decide you are standing in the way of their freedom.

See, that’s the rhetoric. That’s how George Bush talks and what he means. Freedom. Not for you. For him.

And so if cannabis is not set free, if we are not to be spared than neither will be you. Save yourselves by saving us, and we will talk and settle things between ourselves.

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  3. Doctor Biobrain Says:

    Dude, it’s not the pot that makes you stupid. It’s the stupid that makes you pot…or, something like that.

  4. Hope Says:

    Very interesting, Whig. Actually, what you are saying is that it made you a lot smarter…or wiser, might be the better word.

  5. whig Says:

    Yeah, something like that. If you’re stupid and you smoke pot, you realize you’re stupid, even if you used to think you were smart.

    But at least then you can stop being quite as stupid.

    Or something like that. But I just woke up, so I’m going to go have some tea and a bit of something, maybe that will help.

  6. Hope Says:

    Yes…sometimes, no doubt…the mind does need “altering”…like waking it up.

    Everything is mind-altering and perception altering. If it’s not…then one must be in coma and who knows what goes on in that state.

  7. whig Says:

    Sure Hope, but not everything that alters is beneficial. Alcohol tends not to be much of a mind enhancer. People who have no experience of cannabis often assume it’s something like that, but it isn’t. I could try to say it’s more like something else but it isn’t like anything, really, except what it is.

  8. whig Says:

    Also, I recommend you read what I wrote about altering consciousness awhile back.

  9. skylined Says:

    A lot of different things to different people.

    mary j affects everyone differently.. like any drug.. i have a high metabolism, and i’m very energetic most of the time.. to me the initial “warming” affect of weed raises my metabolism and gives me energy. i can take a hit every hour or so and stay up all night. to my girl, she’s got a slower metabolism, it puts her right to sleep, the same goes for us with alcohol. to me, i can focus better with it.. I kill it in video games.. play sports better.. work better.. drive better 🙂 Her I wouldn’t trust deep frying some french fries after a good toke. anything that affects the CNS affects people differently. I’m pro-weed, but i’m not saying its the answer in life. Do what makes you feel good in life. whether its smoking, raising children, working. don’t loose track of what makes you happy.

    I’ve been a drug ABUSER and smoker and drinker for many years, and i’m sure i have some body damage from this, but i’m certain it didn’t lower my intelligence, i scored a 97 on the military asvab recently, People get “dumber” because they loose interest in school/work and just want to sit around and get high.. maybe they aren’t getting “dumber” they’re actually figuring out what they want to do in life. As a laborer, I need MJ as a tool, i can’t physically and mentally do physical labor every day without smoking it just makes everything easier and more enjoyable, as a human, it makes work easier, if i wake up nauseous, it cures it near instantly, I deal with any sickness or flu’s more easily with it than with out it. Professional athletes, politicians, doctors, lawyers, every type smokes. The most talented people i’ve ever met smoke. and no, i didn’t have a point.

  10. whig Says:

    Sometimes you don’t need a point; you just want to finger paint, and that’s okay too. We shouldn’t lose our childlike sense of adventure and fun just because we get older.

  11. Rob Says:

    I definitely agree with the previous comment regarding in that marijuana effects everyone differently. I know many people that seem to be equally if not more brillant under the influence, than sober. As long as we are on the subject, I hope you don’t mind a bit of self promotion. I happen to fun a forum for marijuana enthusiasts…anyone is welcome to check it out!

    Marijuana Forum

  12. whig Says:

    I’ll do better than that, I’ll even say hello on the main page. Ok?

  13. Mikeee Edwards Says:

    Whig.. a wonderful dissertation on the subject. I began smoking pot in 1972 when I was a lad of 11 years (my best friend bought me a “Nickle Bag” for my birthday)and continue to this day. Throughout school and college, I continuously outperformed my peers, be it mental or physical pursuits. my I.Q. was documented to be 135 in 1980, and 20 some odd years later, still rests at 135. How is this possible, if pot does damage to the brain/memory of users? Yup, just more Government misinformation on the subject.
    Keep it GREEN

  14. whig Says:

    Mikeee, thanks for the information and the music.

  15. Jordan Pipe Says:

    I am 13 and I started smoking dope in the summer time.. I smoke almost every day, but sometimes find it necessary to take breaks. When I smoke weed, I find it very easy to fall asleep. I can hear things in music I never heard when I wasn’t high. I’m just wondering that if I continue to smoke marijuana, just how much of a difference will I be seeing in memory? If I am not high will I be able to learn a guitar scale, and the next day still remember it?

  16. whig Says:

    I don’t recommend cannabis to minors.

  17. seneca Says:

    Pot was the only way my girlfriend Mika could face the disaster of her life.

    Rather than straighten out her life, she got high. She didn’t have to face reality.

    She gave up prostitution in mid-September. Four weeks ago, she gave up pot. Now that she is able to face reality, she doesn’t need to get high.

  18. whig Says:

    That is bullshit, Seneca. Cannabis is not something that will prevent you from straightening out your life or facing reality, at all. Crack cocaine, on the other hand, is pretty destructive and addictive and tends to be what prostitutes get hooked on because many pimps provide it to keep them dependent.

    Cannabis isn’t addictive, however, and actually helps people use less or quit dangerous drugs like cocaine.

    I’d be interested to hear Mika’s story from her directly, if you’d be willing to ask her to stop by.

  19. seneca Says:

    You don’t want to face reality.

    Why do you need to drug your brain to have a life?

    Think about that.

  20. whig Says:

    For one thing, I have chronic pain that cannabis makes manageable. And cannabis is a safer and beneficial alternative to drugs that dull the consciousness, like alcohol.

    What drugs do you take, Seneca?

  21. seneca Says:


    Not even alcohol or nicotine.

    I despise them all.

    Okay, I like Caribou coffee.

    I saw Mika need weed to take her away from the reality of prostitution, then need to prostitute herself even more to afford the weed. She was up to a $50 a day habit when I met her.

    I’ve gotten her out of prostitution and back living with her son, five hours from me. She made the decision to quit smoking, as she no longer needs to run from reality.

    I do believe drugs, all of them, should be legal, even though I despise them, because I believe people have the right to be fools. I also believe the social cost of outlawing drugs is just too huge.

    I hate the black drug dealers looking like the big men in town from the profit in dealing. One beat my friend Maggie so badly that her heart stopped beating.

    I hate the Latin King who started Maggie on cocaine.

    I hate the black dealers who think they’re so cool selling weed to Mika.

    I’d hate the white dealers, but Maggie and Mika only deal with the blacks. Evidently they control this part of the world.

    They’re all scum.

    I cannot tell you enough how foolish it is drug your own brain.

    Reality ain’t so bad.

  22. whig Says:

    You don’t seem to understand that cannabis is part of reality, and you cannot wish it away. There are certain things, in reality, that are harmful, but cannabis is not one of them.

    I don’t really know a lot about your situation and you seem to be talking about a lot of other drugs like cocaine here, but I am telling you that cannabis and cocaine are totally different things. They aren’t even as similar as apples and oranges.

    If you reject drugs altogether then you reject modern medicine too. If you begin to select and distinguish between drugs you will understand that some are very dangerous and addictive and some are not.

    You should learn to make this kind of distinction for your own good, because one kind of plant is a medicine that can help you be healthy, and another is a poison that can kill you.

  23. whig Says:

    By the way, Seneca, I recommend you check this article out, it might help your friend Maggie: Cannabis helps break cocaine addiction.

  24. seneca Says:

    I accept your statement that:

    “one kind of plant is a medicine that can help you be healthy, and another is a poison that can kill you”

    I don’t like self-prescribed, illegal drugs. I admit that the Republicans are too hard on prescription use of weed, and the Democrats won’t stand up to them.

    I am your supporter in legalization, as I personally see the HUGE social cost, world-wide, in outlawing drugs.

    In the low-income areas, I despise the dealers being the people the youngsters look up to as successes.

    Perhaps we have the same answer, legalization, in spite of different opinions. My friends do tend to be non-druggies, and DO tend to favor legalization. The problem is the Evangelical Right.

    I raced autos for fourteen years. The group is completely drug-free for obvious reasons. We found that even two beers after dinner Friday night slows you down a hair in qualifying Saturday, as the alcohol is still in your bloodstream.

  25. whig Says:

    Well, my physician recommended cannabis to me, and in California that means it is legal for me to use it. I think you would find that a great deal of the social and economic distortion caused by cannabis prohibition gets unfairly blamed on the plant.

    I don’t think that we should treat different drugs the same, and certainly we don’t treat aspirin as equivalent to oxycodone. Some things need to be more regulated than others, but if you go too far you end up recreating the black market you are trying to remove.

    I think that we are ready to accept medical marijuana as a reality in most of the country. Don’t you think it’s about time to get the sick and hurting people off the field of battle?

    If you want to discuss the religious aspects of cannabis, I might tell you that it is the Tree of Life described in the Bible, but you might not believe me. Anyhow, judge the tree by the fruit.

  26. seneca Says:

    Banning drugs or alcohol just doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as “My drug is the good one, control the rest”.

    The Chicago Police are fierce. Every full-time dealer I know has been in jail or is on his way. All the druggies rat to save their own tails. Yet as soon as they’re arrested, others replace them.

    The Mannheim Road street dealers have been shut down. The druggies now just go to different areas to buy. It can’t be shut down. Yes, the dealers are going to jail, but the supply is still there.

    As long as there is demand, drugs will be supplied.

    I’m not religious at all.

  27. whig Says:

    Well, and realizing that what we’ve been doing has created more problems than it has helped, I agree that there will always be drugs, but I don’t view that as particularly a problem if simply accepted as a reasonable and good thing. After all, we humans use drugs for good purposes, as any doctor will tell you. And a particular drug may be very good when used under proper control but very dangerous at other times, but in this it is like anything that can cut, like a knife.

    Stop with the war mentality and to do that you have to stop also demonizing and denigrating those whom you would make peace with. Be respectful to me and I will be respectful to you.

    Cannabis is unlike almost any drug, or indeed almost anything that humans consume, in that it has no fatal toxicity at any dose.

    Water can be overdosed, as can oxygen, and you can die of too much of either.

    Cannabis is benign.

  28. Dawg Says:

    Seneca… your ignorance is staggering. It’s glaringly apparent that you are delusional from every angle. Cannabis is quite possibly the most benign substance known to man. Its safer than the vast majority of foods we eat. Its medicinal benefits range from helping cure cancer to simple stress relief. It also happens to be quite enjoyable. Do you think nature may be telling us something there? The only substantial negative aspect about cannabis is that is is illegal and its users are persecuted. The idea that it is abused as an escape from reality can also be applied to every binge disorder, including eating, drinking, sleeping and even working. I think you should personally address your issues with hate. Buddha taught that hatred was born of ignorance and, along with desire, is the root of all suffering.

  29. whig Says:

    Dawg, thanks for your thoughts.

    Ignorance causes confusion, confusion causes frustration, frustration causes anger, anger causes rage, rage causes violence, violence causes fear, fear causes hatred, hatred causes suffering.

    Cannabis can treat this. By removing the suffering, the hatred, fear, violence, rage, anger, frustration, confusion and eventually even ignorance can be cured.

  30. whig Says:

    Unlike Buddha, perhaps, I don’t have much problem with desire in itself. Desire is itself like an endogenous drug, too much of which overwhelms the practical costs and benefits of obtaining something. Of course, sometimes it’s even appropriate to be absolutely impractical if your desire is fair and just.

  31. billy Says:

    speak for yourself brosef. i’m a conservative (closet one….im in college), and I’ve always known that I was smart but that there’s always going to be someone smarter out there. I still blaze and get As and Bs in college, although my semesters have been somewhat slack so far because of all my AP credits from high school…but yes, smoking can be quite the cathartic experience, especially for those, as you said, who are shy or timid. It really opens your world up and gives you new perspectives on things. Honestly, the first half of high school i was a pretentious douchebag, and it took smoking with my friends to realize that I was an ass and that I should really lighten up about things in general. And now I’m a much better person for it. Blaze on.

  32. whig Says:

    Lighten up a little more and you might even become a liberal. Part of the problem is how frightened and useless so-called liberals became when they couldn’t or wouldn’t stand up against war. This has changed at least insofar as the public is concerned, and the blogosphere has made our voices heard so that the elected representatives cannot be cowed into submission with us behind them.

    Ironically, the conservatives reinvigorated liberalism by going so far, and perpetrating such horrific war crimes including rape, torture and denial of habeas corpus.

    Welcome to Cannablog, Billy. Whatever you might think, peace is the best way to work out differences of opinion, don’t you agree?

  33. Pot head Says:

    Smoking bud can definetly open up your mind to the truth of the things around you. It is a very spiritual thing if used in that way. It has made me a more humble and a more honest and caring person. On the other hand marijuana can take its toll just like anything else. It can affect academics(if you let it). But then again so can too much X-box Live. It is all in the way you use the substance. I will agree that it can be abused, but then again, so can anything. Balance is always needed in ones life. But nobody can tell another that the path they’ve chosen is wrong. Marijuana is different for everybody. It tends to exagerate the characrer traits of the person using it. If your a lazy person, bud will most likely make you lazier. If you are into academics it may even spark more motivation into your school work. Marijuana is what you make of it.

  34. whig Says:

    Pot head, what I think you are saying is that cannabis is just a tool, and you use tools to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Cannabis can help you achieve what you set out to do.

    If that’s what you mean, then I agree. 🙂

  35. Mike Says:

    “”Conservatives go stark paranoid on cannabis. They really do. And a lot of the neolibertarian and neoconservative insanity is paranoia on a grand scale”

    I must disagree with this statement.

    As a politically conservative individual, and also a Medical MJ user, I have found that the use of MJ has NOT altered my political perceptions in the least.

    I know MANY folks that are conservatives that are also recreational users of MJ (ie: they smoke a lot more than I do), but it has not changed their perceptions either.

    What MJ has done is softened my *perception* of some of the political issues that exist today, but it has not changed my thinking at all, nor would I want any chemical substance to do that.

    Pat Buchanan could smoke MJ for 20 years and he still wouldn’t vote for Hillary..;-)


  36. whig Says:

    Mike, I don’t think I meant to suggest that cannabis would automatically change your mind or make you want to vote for Hillary. Are you saying that you had no anxiety when you first took cannabis?

    I do think you have a point that I should not use words like “paranoid” which imply someone has lost the ability to reason, because clearly cannabis does not impair that for people who learn to use it well.

    What does it mean that you say you are politically conservative, anyway? Do you believe that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a good idea? What conservative ideas do you hold?

  37. whig Says:

    Okay, I took a hit and here’s how I think I should say this. Cannabis is like holding a mirror up to yourself, in that it gives you a clearer picture of your own mind. If you have a mind which is full of hatred, that’s what you’ll see eventually, and you will fear it. If you are conservative in the sense that you are afraid of change, cannabis can help ease your mind. That it can do both of these seemingly contradictory things is the nature of our own minds more than that of cannabis itself.

  38. whig Says:

    Also, I’ve seen people with personality disorders that took cannabis and watched them go off into really intense delusions of amazing violence, but I’ve never seen anyone act upon those delusions. One person that I knew told me he thought the middle east needed to be turned to a sheet of glass — he said this seriously and with conviction.

    Cannabis didn’t make him crazy. He was always strange, and I’d known him to have been so as a child, since he grew up near me. But this was many years later, we were in our thirties, and had not known one another for some time. So when I heard this come out of his mouth, I was eager for him to leave shortly, because I did not particularly enjoy the thought of discussing what possible merits he might think that proposal had.

    I envision many people like him, very intelligent and able to speak well, for why should he be the only one? But what I have never in my life observed was him behaving in a personally violent fashion. Charles Manson might have been another matter.

    Cannabis does not take away your free will, it enhances it. You have a broader perspective of the world but not necessarily a more accurate one, it might be a twisted paranoid fantasy of the world. But this is your actual perspective if that’s what you see, and you can change it. You can fix your head by relearning what is real and true and reliable by testing everything. Because we all misperceive sometimes, and we can all correct our own perspective.

    What seems to be true, cannabis reduces the frequency of violence. So if paranoid ideation by people who are already paranoid has the possibility to make them get some mental help faster, that’s also probably a good thing. But we should be using cannabis as part of that therapy for many of these patients, and we should be helping them to understand what is wrong with their thinking.

  39. Mike Says:

    [Time stamp edited by administrator, original comment was at 10:42am but was delayed in moderation, and I did not want to give the impression that my own comments between that time and now were in reply to this one.]

    Hi Whig,

    I can be a pretty active writer at times, but I was not sure what your forum policies were in relation to political ideology, etc. (ie: didn’t want to start non-MJ related discussion if it was not acceptable in this forum).

    If it were me in Bush’s shoes? I would have sent a few Special Forces teams in to rid the world of Saddam and his sons, and then let the Iraqui people figure out how they wished to organize a democratic Gov’t. I do not believe the US should be the worlds “Policemen”, but I do believe we (as humans) have a responsibility to our fellow humans to try and help them live in a peaceful world.

    I do know (from personal travel and experience) that the folks in the Mid-Eastern countries (Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, etc.) do not THINK as Americans do. They view life with an entirely different ideology than we do, and as such their perceptions of the USA are not what we might wish for.


  40. whig Says:

    Well, maybe we could move the political discussion to an available open thread, or I could create a new one for that purpose. I am certainly interested in conversing further but perhaps it detracts from the topic of this post to get into more specifics about matters military.

  41. Pot head Says:

    Mike are you aware that every thing your mind does is on a chemical level. Adding another chemical to the mix (THC, other cannabinoids) isn’t really a big deal when done responsibly. If Pot changes the way you think about something it’s not nessesarily the chemicals doing so. It is that the chemicals revealed to you in someway the truth of the matter at hand. Marijuana really can help you think clearly if you want it to and you let it.

  42. whig Says:

    Pot head, I have to disagree with you. “Adding another chemical to the mix” of your brain can be a very big deal. It can be very destructive if you use the wrong chemical. And cannabis is not a chemical at all, it is a plant. It has chemistry, as all things do, of course.

    Some chemicals are poison, but cannabis is benign. There’s a difference.

  43. Bill Says:

    Cannabis Benign? The active ingredient in cannabis is THC, which concentrates chiefly in the ventral tegmental area of the brain and the nucleus accumbens, but also in the hippocampus, the caudate nucleus, and the cerebellum. side effects are impaired coordination balance problems and, memory loss. While these are mostly acute, they can be more pronounced than alcohol. prolonged use of either can make a degree of these side effects permanent.

    THC’s effects on the hippocampus might explain the memory problems that can develop with the use of cannabis, while its effects on the cerebellum might explain the loss of coordination and balance experienced by people who indulge in this drug.

    The good thing about cannabis is that the balance and coordination loss makes it almost impossible to drive while under it’s influence (or at least a good buzz so I am told). Yet every year some do with disastrous effects.

    My biggest bug with the stuff is I am allergic to it I smoked a joint after a Christmas party once and I had my first experience with anaphylactic shock.

    And since most joints have no filters the tar level is higher than cigarettes, so lung cancer is also a possibility.

    Reality is that cannabis is bad for you but then so is driving walking breathing eating and most of everything we do, at least pot makes you feel good during the process.

    But let’s be honest and not attempt to call it benign, it is just no worse than many things that feel good. Too much of anything is never good.

    As for all the mind opening rhetoric it is just that rhetoric, how your brain reacts to drugs depends on its wiring, there is very little mystery about it it is a purely chemical reaction.

  44. Bill Says:

    Just to note the first thing a proponent of Cannabis says when I say I am allergic to it, is “It is not possible to be allergic to it.” Sorry but you can be allergic to almost anything just ask an allergist.

  45. Bill Says:

    That said, I think we should legalize the stuff and regulate it like cigarettes and booze.

  46. whig Says:

    That’s interesting what you say, Bill, but false.

    It does not carry an increased risk of lung cancer. A search on Google would turn this up really quickly for you with just these terms: cannabis lung cancer.

    Nobody has ever gone into anaphylactic shock from cannabis, so you are a liar, too. In fact, there has never been a proven fatality in human or animal caused by cannabis. It is in fact quite benign.

    You can overdose on water, and die. You can overdose on oxygen. You cannot take a fatal dose of cannabis, no such dose exists.

  47. Bill Says:

    “Nobody has ever gone into anaphylactic shock from cannabis” interesting statement but none the less false, just because you say it does not make it right. You offer no proof.

    Whereas the Journal of Clinical Immunology states “If the marijuana is contaminated with mould spores, which is common, smoking it may lead to allergic asthma, infection or hypersensitivity pneumonitis (J Allergy Clin Immunol 1983;71:389-393)

    Allergic Asthma is the mild reaction which can and did in my case escalate to anaphylaxia.

    Of course you may argue that it was the mold that was responsible but given that as the journal states “contaminat[ion] with mold spores, which is common” makes the mold a common incipient, thus making me allergic to Marijauna as it commonly is sold.

    You may be right some good stuff may not hurt me but after my last experience, would you take the risk?

    Oh and stop calling me a liar it is offensive and childish I just disagreed with you. And like your comment on Stephens blog “With that, I will now discontinue from this thread.”

  48. whig Says:

    If the marijuana is contaminated with cyanide, it could kill you flat out. Or rather, the cyanide would. Moldy cannabis should never be used for any purpose any more than any kind of moldy produce. Would you eat moldy corn? If moldy produce exists on the black market, I haven’t seen it. But the solution to that is simple, just as with any crop, and medical marijuana providers in California have good quality standards.

    If you claim that cannabis caused your problem, you are still lying. And you claim it is almost impossible to drive on cannabis, which is remarkable considering the fact that many people do so and have no significant rise in traffic accidents, except drivers also impaired by alcohol or other drugs.

    I don’t frankly care if you personally have a desire to use cannabis. You are not telling the truth. Cannabis is non-toxic. It has not been shown to cause disease of any kind, but it has been shown to provide medical benefit.

  49. kaptinemo Says:

    Anaphylactic shock is basically a histamine reaction against something that the victim is allergic to. If a susbatnce alien to cannabis happens to be attached to it, and that substance provokes an allergic reaction, the cannabis cannot be said to be at fault, only the allergen attached to it.

    As to cannabis, itself, causing an allergic reaction, given the thousands of years that Humanity has used it, don’t you think there would have been at least hundreds of thousands – if not several millions – of recorded instances of it being listed as the sole cause of death? And yet, there remains not a single undisputed, clear cut example of such. Attempts to do so are often found to be matters of either poor technical acemen on the part of the claimant…or something less excusable, such as a desire to label cannabis as being a cause of death because it may suit some political agenda rather than a scientific one. Such Lysenkoism is, sadly, quite evident in the US Government’s jihad against cannabis. A practice this lawsuit seeks to challenge.

  50. whig Says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Data Quality Act suit being brought by the Americans for Safe Access. They are an excellent organization and deserve support.

    I think Bill may have run away.

  51. juggling mother Says:

    In Bill’s defense, analphylactic shock need not = death! It is perfectly possible, and likely that someone, somewhere is extremely allergic to cannabis. There are plenty of people who have such a reaction to the natural plant peanut! I personally experience such a reaction to cats, and you don’t get much more natural than a cat:-)

    Regarding “pot makes you smart” I’m not too convinced about that either:-) I think you get smarter / wiser as you get older. Pot just happens at about the same time. I didn’t stop thinking of myself as supior until after I stopped smoking pot. Supior is the natural position of a teenager!

    Regarding “Pot makes you stupid”, it’s noraml scare-mongering stuff. There IS some evidence, that if you chain smoked it non-stop, for a whole lifetime there would be detrimental effects on your mental and physical health. Lets be honest, if you do anything to that kind of excess, it will have a detrimental effect. I do know some people who have smoked enough cannabis to be effected in that way. Although they all take other drugs too, so it may not be down to the cannabis.

    I have never seen anyone become violent on cannabis

    I know of plenty of ways to take cannabis that don’t involve tobacco & therefore have a 0% increased risk of lung cancer.

    I miss it sometimes, but won’t risk it while responsible for young children. If it were legal I would feel the same.

    I am in favour of legalising & licencing all drugs. And other things.

  52. juggling mother Says:

    hmm, apparently I can’t spell “superior” unless I hit the R really hard!

    I meant to say, if cannabis screws up yu brain so much, so easily, why is it most people use during their high school / college years – just as they are in the major part of their academic/exam period of their lives?

  53. whig Says:

    Juggling Mother, of course it is possible to have an anaphylactic reaction without dying, but anything which can cause anaphylaxis statistically will cause death for some people. Peanuts are very capable of causing death in this way. Cannabis cannot, or at least it has never happened in the annals of medicine or history, so if Bill were telling the truth (and if he had not already backtracked) there would be some people who had died of an allergic reaction to cannabis.

  54. whig Says:

    There is no proof of detrimental physical or mental effect or toxicity from cannabis regardless of dosage or duration of use. There is, however, demonstrated medical benefit to some people.

  55. Mike Says:

    Just about anything you eat, drink or smoke could kill you if you are deathly allergic to it, and to say that those foolish enough to smoke moldy cannabis mean that MJ is a deadly substance…hogwash.

    I recall that Jack-in-the-Box had a E-coli bit that kiled a couple kids. Seems to me folks still eat there pretty regular…;-) (millions served daily, just like MickyD’s)

    Someone who isn’t too bright to start with cold smoke MJ and not be any smarter or less intelligent…same goes for everyone else.

    I don’t see MJ as anything but a good med. for an awful disease I works, and has proven itself safe over time.

    Any documented deaths from Valium? (I haven’t looked, but I bet there are)

    Sorry for my tardiness of late, Whig…making a living takes first place for me.


  56. Mike Says:

    And I need learn to spell check better before posting! (guilty of my own pet-peeve! AAUUGGHHHH!!)



  57. whig Says:

    Mike, I know that Valium by itself is likely to incapacitate rather than kill, but death by overdose is certainly possible. Combined with alcohol it’s very lethal. I don’t have statistics handy, but they are certainly available, and this data sheet should provide a wealth of information.

  58. whig Says:

    I don’t really like that people are selling Valium on the internet, but they are the first link that comes up on searching for: valium data sheet.

    The material safety data may be even more instructive.

  59. Jordan Says:

    Why do you think Pot is unsuitable for me just because I’m 14? It helps me understand my situations when I’m confused about them. When I’m stressed and feel like bad things will never stop happening, it sets me free from that. I don’t think I should have to wait for that.

  60. whig Says:

    Jordan, this is not the place for you to get permission.

  61. Jordan Says:

    I didn’t ask for permission.. I asked a question.

  62. gw Says:

    I was once 14, so many forgotten years in the past, you were 14 also, some long forgotten war, it amazes me, how a 14 year old human being can type, yet even express the concept of stress, how some 14 year old person, can see bad things will never stop happening, did I read somewhere, about that Hippy Revolution, did I read the American Constitution, did I read about some Jewish Carpenter, the price of so much vision, must continue to remain silent, even as the heart and soul of every child must be torn out from their mothers bosom, and the wise ponder the path to Infinity.

  63. gw Says:

    re: I was once 14, I don’t remember any religion, or science, do remember dear old father and mother, they gave me this breath, and the ability to make an Internet, some place to speak to God, to speak to my Father, and your owner, re: how pot, makes you feel stupid, I guess, if you never inhaled, you might someday, become a president, a lawyer, a rabbi, or some activist,

  64. whig Says:

    I think that having inhaled will not be a barrier to becoming president in the future.

  65. whig Says:

    Jordan, I won’t answer your questions here. This is not a site for children.

  66. gw Says:

    re: I think that having inhaled will not be a barrier to becoming president in the future. Neither do i, then there is that larger picture, of the war on drugs, that right to passage, closer to the alter, and all those fattened Fallwellites, are sure that oil will light the darkest corridor, to the end.

  67. Bill Says:

    Your not arguing with me on the mould issue you are arguing with the Journal of Clinical Immunology. Did you miss the “which is common” part. I didn’t add that.

    The Journal of Clinical Immunology states “If the marijuana is contaminated with mould spores, which is common, smoking it may lead to allergic asthma, infection or hypersensitivity pneumonitis (J Allergy Clin Immunol 1983;71:389-393)

    That is the quote the in text cition is there look it up. I am sure ome of you know your way around a University library.

    Also I did not run away, I just have better things to do than debate with the faithful.

    And to quote another blogger that “ran away” . “With that, I will now discontinue from this thread.” (Whig)

  68. whig Says:

    I don’t know how to tell you this more clearly, Bill. Don’t use moldy cannabis, throw it away. Just like you would do with moldy strawberries. If you ate them you’d likely get very sick. If cannabis has mold it will look and smell bad, and it won’t happen at all if it is properly cured and kept dry. You’d have to be some kind of idiot to use moldy pot, no matter how common you imagine it to be.

    We could spend a lot of wasted time on this, or you could just acknowledge that cannabis itself cannot cause an allergic reaction. If moldy cannabis were a problem on the black market today (and I’ve seen no evidence of this, one unsupported assertion from twenty-four years ago does not represent the accurate truth of matters here and now) it could be brought under control very easily, just as we do with other produce. We have a system of agricultural inspections that apply to most things that are grown and sold for human consumption, and nothing but prohibition prevents doing so with cannabis.

    How many times are you going to discontinue? You can’t even tell the truth about that!

  69. Jordan Says:

    I was once 14, so many forgotten years in the past, you were 14 also, some long forgotten war, it amazes me, how a 14 year old human being can type, yet even express the concept of stress, how some 14 year old person, can see bad things will never stop happening,
    What?! Alright, you have NO reason to sterotype 14 year olds, to the point you don’t see how they can express the concept of stress. You don’t know my situation, you don’t know ME. You don’t even know how to type a sentence! Everything you type is seperated by commas. Did you even GO to school? Do you know THAT stress?

    Whig can you at least send me an email then? jordan–

  70. Jordan Says:

    There’s two hyphens between Jordan and Pipe.

  71. whig Says:

    Jordan, I cannot discuss this with you at all, not here or in e-mail. Cannabis is unfortunately prohibited, and to use it may risk legal consequences which a 14-year old is not prepared to deal with nor recognize the impact upon parents and others. Please continue to research and learn, but do not expect any encouragement or help in taking adult risks.

  72. gw Says:

    Ouch, “Did you even GO to school? Do you know THAT stress?”, there is another of those terrible commas, that pause that allows me to get my breath’ in the world, I never could find the one and only answer, my commas are my way of finding my way back out of the cave of darkness and ignorance, to save my soul, another comma another lesson I did not hear in school, when it became my time to come forth and bare witness, to kiss the ssme image who so many have gived witness, the fallen, and the brave, share a common walk to the same place, can you imagine, you were in front of me on that line, waiting to get to that best deal, more rice in your pot, is that a song, rock and roll song singing about some lost women, and in the meantime, the band is playing on, in some unholy place, commas allow the patient to have a special place, where they feel comfortable the treatment is working, they will wake up and feel refreshed and they will remember some wonderful place, some comma in some terrible time,.

  73. whig Says:

    Gw, please don’t continue to argue with the children.

  74. gw Says:

    Ok, WG, you can tell me when it is time to stop arguing with the children, tell me about Palestinian Children, tell me stories about fat men and women, who bow to the alter, this message is coming from some old mortgage, some forgotten 14 year old, did you notice?

    The stress, the place of ownership, and that next mother loving key press, that last comma, was only a flotation device, some miracle, when I awaken to the next morn, I can see good justice and Truth, Honor, and so many good people.

  75. whig Says:

    Gw, I keep telling you to find an appropriate thread to bring in other topics. This is not a free for all.

  76. Jordan Says:

    “Ouch, “Did you even GO to school? Do you know THAT stress?”, there is another of those terrible commas, that pause that allows me to get my breath’ in the world, I never could find the one and only answer, my commas are my way of finding my way back out of the cave of darkness and ignorance, to save my soul, another comma another lesson I did not hear in school, when it became my time to come forth and bare witness, to kiss the ssme image who so many have gived witness, the fallen, and the brave, share a common walk to the same place, can you imagine, you were in front of me on that line, waiting to get to that best deal, more rice in your pot, is that a song, rock and roll song singing about some lost women, and in the meantime, the band is playing on, in some unholy place, commas allow the patient to have a special place, where they feel comfortable the treatment is working, they will wake up and feel refreshed and they will remember some wonderful place, some comma in some terrible time,”

    You talk like you’re not even real. It seems as if you think the way you’re talking makes you cool or something like that? You sound like a starwars geek!

  77. whig Says:

    Jordan and Gw, both of you, Stop.

  78. gw Says:

    re: Stop? I can stop writing here, cant’ stop feeling how this whole world is so full of so many good people, even some and even old geeks of some unreal star wars, in some young memories, yet even as the new promised morn, is within our grasp, there are so many people who are isolated, not free to choose, geeks and freaks, must remain at the bottom of the food chain in this modern human evolution.

    It is changing, and forever more, not one other human being will ever be nailed to a cross, and the modern cross is fading, when good human beings, and the children, come forth it is a force of biblical estimates, when some day, can throw away the shackles of injustice and receive the bridle in the march to heaven.

  79. whig Says:

    Be the change you want.

  80. gw Says:

    Can you change what you want?

    Is Human Freedom pushing on and through the mists of the whisperings and the vails of confusion, in the distant future, can some human being cast a ‘free vote? for everlasting understanding and a workable society, it is your hand, my hand, raise your hand in testament, make a fist and push through this pay as you go reality, for the final reality is waiting for your good hand, and your heart, which marks your eternal soul, and my eternal vision, for the the Night Sky, and the Light that comes from above, in the night filled sky of stars, is kin and kith, until the end of time.

    Fare Well

  81. whig Says:

    Fare well. I don’t think you should post further to this thread, but you may continue to post elsewhere if you find a relevant place or open thread.

  82. Nick F Says:

    Whig, for a past hour or so I have been reading this thread and a few of your other posts. I find what you have to say very interesting and intriguing but I must say that I feel pushing away Jordon was not the right thing to do.

    You have many ideologies about how cannabis can open your mind and allow you to see “reality” or see the world more clearly. What I don’t understand is how someone who maybe has the same lateral thinking as you is not accepted here. I don’t believe age has anything to do with the ability to understand or experience this “mind opening” feeling you are expressing, I believe it is all about ones prior experiences and ones mentality. I for one am only 16, and I’m sure in your eyes, because of my age I will be regarded as too immature to be able to discuss this with you. However, I am going to try and attempt to possibly change your opinion.

    I believe you are stereotyping teenagers as those who go into their friends basement and smoke pot to get high and giggle over a show on the TV. But I ask you to change your thoughts on this as I, at the age I am, can fully understand and appreciate everything being said on this thread, I can see valid arguments from each side and then take each point into consideration to generate my own opinion. I believe smoking cannabis has helped pave the way to being able to acheive this, as I am not a stereotypical teenager just looking to get a high. This mind altering experience has benefited me in many ways, has not changed my social status or academic performance, in fact I believe the opposite has occured and reading threads such as these allows me to expand my mind even further, and I personally wanted to thank you for starting it.

    So next time, before you jump to conclusions about cannabis for minors, I would like you to take into consideration that some of us have matured more quickly than others, that there are acceptions and not to have a preconcived idea on the matter when all the information might not be there.

    Thank you for your time,

  83. whig Says:

    Nick, thank you for your thoughts, and I am offering no judgment of your maturity when I say that I won’t discuss cannabis with you.

  84. gw Says:

    Cmon Wg this is gw, hi Nickey, and poor old Jordan. Is every body totally up to date, have not forgotten the tax collector, funny how some old forgoton youth it was some years when i lost track of the cannabis tribes,

  85. whig Says:

    Gw, I have asked you not to talk to the children. There are legal considerations for them and their families which they cannot appreciate.

    I do not want to have to moderate you but I will begin doing so if you cannot figure out that this is not your place to scribble on.

  86. gw Says:

    re: have asked you not to talk to the children

    may i talk to the birds?

    may i talk to some mature ear that might be ready to jump over some colorful what if’s, and you do not belong here’s, such a nice place, filled with bounty and Glory and Everlasting Hope and you can figure out the way Home

  87. whig Says:

    You may go to the window and talk to the birds, they do not communicate by typing on this blog. Start a blog, I’m serious. Have fun writing whatever you want. This isn’t your sandbox.

  88. gw Says:

    Who could dare to think the unthinkable, then say the unsay able, in this green world, maybe you are right, I should start a blog, wonder when some one will press some sensitive button, next thing you are bound for hell and damnation, now what would you do, sign some illegal blank check, it is nice to have freedom, the kind that is ready to take on the weight, I will work on setting up a blog, thanks wg,

  89. Martin Onassis Says:

    I smoked from 15-25 sporadically but regularly, and from 26-41, fifteen months ago, mostly daily with a couple of month breaks. Sorry to sound like a harsh toke, but the fact is that there is a certain aspect to this that was a tragedy. The guy who said bullshit to the previous post that weed is a way of avoiding resoultion of your problems is himself full of bullshit.
    Not only did I smoke pot patially to escape problems, which it often exagerrated in the ir emotional impact, it also made
    me so clueless and insensitive in my behaviors, that I caused a certain deal of wreckage in my life. No, you wouldnt see it in my skin, like an ex-junkie, but the scars are there.

    The poster who said that weed affects different nervous systems and personalities is correct. However, of all the steady potsmokers I know, I would only call one successful. Granted, there are lots of famous pot smokers that I dont personally know. Pot itself will not stop every truly talented creative person from making it, but thats only because we have the famous examples around us to hide the majority of losers that potsmokers become. Pot is without a doubt in my mind an awareness enhancer and idea-generator. The only problem is that in life there are a million ideas, and, in the words of Ben Franklin, you still have to put in the 95% of the perspiration to manifest the 5% of inspiration. Pot is an easy route to make you think you are smart because you are constantly coming up with ideas, but bringing very few of them to fruition.
    The effects of mild pot on a blssed generation like the baby-boomers versus the effects of scientifically-jacked chronic crack-weed on a damned generation X can also not be ignored.

    I know most potsmokers will say that I’m just bitter, yadda yadda, but I have manifested large amounts of my ideas and worked harder than at least 80% of the pot smokers I have met, who really are total losers and should not be smoking, or maybe they should, because their lives are headed nowhere, and it is a good way to forget and let your life slip away. Its by far the most complex of drugs, and I believe it to be the most insidious, because it doesn’t really kill you, but it does kill your life, and it has a classic way of making you believe, like the other harder drugs do, that non-users ‘dont get’ how good it is.

    I often knew pot was a drag in certain ways and I still smoked it. Call me stupid. Anyway, there are benefits to stopping, and one of them is not watching weeks pass by with nothing getting done. Of course, the down side is being jacked up a lot of the time, which can be downright uncomfortable, and yes, fifteen months out, I still imagine that pot is THE solution. An interesting conundrum to say the least. Either an indicator that its the greatest thing on the planet, or a truly negative force. It’s funny cause some people really seem to be able to use it as a part-time sedative, but just about every smoker I know has been affected in the negative, especially as you get older, when the effect of drugs really come into play as your life tracks off from people who have got it together. Granted, I’ve seen alcohol and other drugs take more lives, and no, I never did more than try coke and meth, and found them to be simplistic, and I never even tried smack, so dont tell me it was some other drug like a pothead who always has to defend weed would. Pot is like a lowgrade form of LSD or mushrooms, and those are mighty powerful, powerful enough that I only did them a handful of times. Maybe they were the culprits of my unrelaxed state. I used to defend weed like a maniac, too. Fact is, it was my inability to admit the grip it had on me. It started out as fun, and I had some blasts on it, but alcohol is about as fun, just with more dangerous behavior. At least on alcohol you can get animated and talk to people. I dont know many people who would claim pot to do much except make you more of a shutin and hang out with weed smokers. I loved it at concerts and movies, and I know some people get very social on it, and its supposed ot be funny, but there is an undeniable down and recluse quality to it. The fact that people still insist on denying this part of it really makes you question its power over the mind. I never found alcohol to be a crutch like some people find it to be. I guess different things are problems for different people flat out. But anyone that thinks pot is the ‘ok’ drug to do or ‘harmless’ is completely fooling themselves.

    EVERY ex bud-smoker I’ve talked just nod their head in agreement, so we arent all uptight downers. it is classified as a depressant, so I’m still amazed by the reputation it has. Probably just another example of the establishment keeping sensitive creative questioning people down by disabling our minds.

    BTW, I’ve only caught one cold in the last fifteen months, and got rid of it within a day. I finally quit snoking because two summers ago i caught some weirdass flu through a shared pipe, and then took six weeks to get over it. Then six months later in ths winter I got sick again, and I said no way am I gonna risk smoking while sick again, and that was the handle I needded to grab on. It was always just getting through the first week to even consider stopping. of course, the one, two and three month marks are super tough, too. One time befoire I had made it for two months, and celebrated by smoking again.
    I could go on forever. I actually feel high these days. Ii dont feel much different, so why be smoking really? Relaxants are real hard to find, although I fall asleep instantly, always a prob with the weed, and I dont waste my life in paranoia. there are plenty of benefits, but the voice is still there.

    A final note to someone who wants to stop. The hardest part for me has been facing up to what I may hve done to my life by using this drug. That can send you back in real easily. Acceptance of your powerlessness is the biggest hurdle, but your empowerment can be your biggest reminder fo why you’re doing it. That and talking to other people who got off it. I had someone in my family like this, so I was lucky. And no, I havent found Jesus. My opinions of the world have not changed, and I didnt become a real estate agent or a republican.

  90. whig Says:

    Martin, you wrote quite a long essay here, and I don’t know that I can address it fully in a short comment, but I may write a follow-up post to respond in more detail. If you think that cannabis is unhelpful to you personally, don’t use it. If people who are going nowhere and doing nothing choose to use cannabis, it does not necessarily transform them into energetic, productive people. As an alternative to drugs like alcohol, it is far less damaging. If you are using anything as an escape from responsibility, you ought to rethink.

    My friends who use cannabis, like myself, find it useful and productive, because we apply ourselves in useful and productive ways. Many of us cannot function nearly as well without it because of medical problems which it effectively treats.

  91. Martin Onassis Says:

    It was definitely a long rant. I totally think it should be legal, along with other drugs, and it does have a lot of
    apparent medical benefits. My opinions are certainly only my own, and no more valid than anyone elses.
    I just think that the idea that pot is a safe alternative drug, or that it is some great thing, or that it is totally benign are questionable if not incorrect. Pot is certinaly safer to society than alcohol and harder drugs, but there is still the welfare of the user to think about.

    I think there are a percentage of people that can use it for fun for a lifetime, but I believe them to be a small minority, just from the many I’ve met and seen. Medical uses are clearly another matter, and my distaste for it personally does not change my view that it should be legal. Whether or not any drug really amotivates you is up for argument, some people just cant get it togethe no matter what. Regardless, if you are on the borderline, MJ will, in my opinion, send you down a long road of distraction and deception. You made some good points. At root, pot was not my entire problem. That’s somewhat clear to me now. I believe it to have been more detriment than aid in solving my problems however.

  92. whig Says:

    Martin, what do you believe in? Are you a Christian or an atheist or what? I’d like to try to explain some things to you but I need a context in which to put them in order for you to understand.

    Will you discuss this with me?

  93. kaptinemo Says:

    With regards to self-discovery, I’ve found that many seem to be using drugs of one form or another to avoid dealing with whatever their emotional problems may be. But I’ve also known many who, with clear intent, used them for that same process of self-discovery. For example, I have used MDMA under the supervision (albeit, unofficially) of a psychologist friend in order to unearth long-forgotten painful memories that caused self-defeating behavior. In doing so, I like to believe I’ve become a more aware, conscious and compassionate person; I leave it to those who know me best to say if that is so.

    It depends upon what your intent is…and whether that intent is a conscious one or not. But to blame a drug for somehow triggering behavior that was already latent, waiting to surface is, in my opinion, self-deception. Or as the old saying goes, “What is said when drunk is thought when sober.”

  94. whig Says:

    In vino veritas, indeed.

  95. whig Says:

    By the way, there is a double-blind study expected to release results soon on the use of MDMA for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), something our returning men and women from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from in large numbers. I’ve read that they are finding preliminarily very promising results, one dose under medical supervision providing more benefit than provided by any duration or dose of any other known medicine.

    Of course it should be rescheduled.

  96. seth Says:

    Whig, i was wondering if you could expound a bit on what you said about the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden being some form of marjuana. or was that just a joke?

  97. whig Says:

    That’s a different thread, Seth. As for whether it’s a joke, you’ll have to decide for yourself, no matter how seriously you think I take anything.

  98. seth Says:

    So you wont answer the question? or do i have to ask you at another catagory? im interested in where you derived such a fancifull idea. i dont know you very well and so can not determin how seriusly you take anything.
    -just an inquiring mind trying to expand my sense of the universe

  99. whig Says:

    Ask me in the appropriate thread, yes, I’ll be happy to discuss anything as long as you’re seeking communication and not disruption.

  100. adam Says:

    Can pot make you feel like your an elephnat???

  101. adam Says:

    Someone..Can pot makew you feel like your any kind of animal, do they come in different flavors, and were can i buy some.

  102. whig Says:

    Adam, you can feel like what you are, only moreso. Are you some kind of animal?

    I don’t think you belong here.

  103. seneca Says:

    Mr. Whig,

    Can you please delete my comments from this thread, as I am forever getting updates on it from wordpress, and we have exhausted our discussions?


  104. whig Says:

    Sorry, I don’t want to delete.

  105. seneca Says:

    Must I daily fill your blog with my vitriol about what losers potheads are until you do delete?

    Evidence of you being a loser is your refusal to delete.

  106. whig Says:

    You may comment here at your pleasure, but if you are abusive I will limit you.

    I will not delete what is a part of the record of an ongoing conversation involving multiple people beyond the two of us.

  107. seneca Says:

    I am contacting WordPress support.

    I wish to no longer be a part of this conversation. I wish that these postings of potheads, unable to face reality unless they immerse their brain in chemicals, true losers themselves, be gone from my life.

    I am tired of these postings daily coming up under “My Comments”

    It is evidence of how your brain is addled that you will not allow me to depart. You are a true scumbag.

    I will forever do anything I can to keep pot illegal.

  108. seneca Says:

    I just tried to contact Support. They are closed for the weekend. Support will be contacted in the morning.

    I will forever do anything I can to keep pot illegal and to increase penalties for its use.

  109. whig Says:

    Enjoy yourself.

  110. N/A Says:

    wow… talk about ignorant. Whig is a fucking moron. “HOW POT MAKES YOU FEEL STUPID” is the title not some fucking political oration on how Bush is out to end the “pot smoking libertarians”. If your such a good writer learn to at least title your articles so that they are relevant to what you write.

  111. whig Says:

    N/A. I’m sorry, what you wrote was incoherent.

  112. whig Says:

    You don’t like the title of this article. Okay.

  113. How To Make A Bong Says:

    God you speak the truth!

  114. REal G KINGPIN Says:

    SENECA k look bud look its not the dealers faults you got dumb sht friends who do drugs. plus ur girl is shthead if she gets hooked on pot plus 50$ a day get over thats how much i spend on food a day not that big a deal and i think ur just mAKIN up bull sht anyway u liar

  115. whig Says:

    I don’t think Seneca is still actively participating here.

  116. Whisky Says:

    I am still not quite sure about the pot’s mental effects. When I was a kid, I was thinking the same as Whig. I am in the same chapter of Whig’s. And I am still not sure about the smartest – the pretty smart paradox.To sum up

    A)I am getting dumb because I act and think like dumb.

    B)I am not getting dumb.

    c)I used not to be so smart that I had thought before.

    D)I am becoming a limitless power

    E)Some of those (Tricky Option)

    P.S.: Sorry for grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. English is not my mother tongue

  117. whig Says:

    Whisky, no matter how smart you are, we are all smarter by combining our intelligence.

  118. hyph king Says:

    k i am in high school and i know u guys dont like minors smoking but if u were a minor in canada right now B.C more or less u would understand its part of are culture my grades did change when i first started smoking pot all the time but then i changed them back i read everyday i study do everything im supposed to and goto the gym regulary, lift weights, see my friends(not all are users) ride my bike often. u americans dont understand are culture at all i can see that very well from this forum. u also dont understand pot and what it is ment to be for either i dont drink smoke tabbaco or do any hard drugs i smoke pot kinda like caffiene up here u americans cant understand this cannabis culture and dont try(canadian cannabis culture)

  119. hyph king Says:

    i smoke weed everyday and i live in canada ya im in high school but dont try to judge me u ignorant americans because you will never be able to understand are culture now PISS OFF

  120. whig Says:

    hyph king, Thanks for stopping by. As you understand, I won’t discuss cannabis with you, but I am glad to hear that you abstain from tobacco and other harmful drugs. Making healthy choices is a good strategy for living.

  121. vortex surfer Says:

    I was just doing a google search and saw this interesting topic and after reading a few of the responses thought I too may be stupid enough to give my two cents worth. I haven’t smoked pot in twenty years but when I did I smoked enough that I can be considered an expert.
    Some people claim it makes them smarter, I have taught many adults and you can DEFINITELY tell which ones smoke pot. They score really low on tests, ask questions about things that the answers are really common sense, and they can’t grasp simple concepts. If they stop smoking,in a matter of months they start scoring normal again just like magic.
    Some people say it makes them hear music or play better, well I’m a musician and I have friends that still smoke pot they will send me a recording and it is out of time, detuned and sounds like they recorded it in the bottom of a tin can. so if you think pot makes you some kind of super musician you better ask some other people’s opinion before you have 1000 cd’s made.
    some people are concerned about how paranoid everyone else is. The next time you are sitting up at 3:00 a.m. playing “flight simulator on your ps 8( yeah there is a playstation 8, but you can’t afford it becuse you have to buy pot)” and you get up to close the curtains so the cameras can’t record you smoking pot, it’s time to realze that you are 40 years old now and should play “real Reality” in the game of life.

    If pot really did all of the wonderful things you people claim it does for you, it’s use is so wide spread, you could stand up, form a political party, take control of this country and really make a difference.

    And here’s how….

    Sorry I forgot, pot does effect your short term memory.

  122. whig Says:

    Vortex Surfer,

    How much cannabis did you have to smoke to become an expert? Is it a specific quantity, like a pound, or just a certain number of times you tried it?

    I test pretty much off your genius scale, but that doesn’t make me any more of an expert either. I can only say that I am happy to be able to have less pain and it makes me more functional to be able to work without it.

    As for music, I guess it’s a matter of taste. Some people don’t dig the Beatles, you know? What sort of music do you like to listen to?

    Paranoia? Not since I moved to California. I can see why people might be more concerned about police enforcement in your more paranoid states.

    Oh, and thanks for your suggestion that we take over the country. Maybe we’ll do just that.

    What will you do for an income then?

  123. whig Says:

    I recommend vaporizing, by the way. It’s a cleaner way of enjoying the fragrance of fine cannabis.

  124. lala Says:

    GW… it seems to me you were writing poetry.

  125. mikeydee3937 Says:

    First off, I’d like to say that I am a “Pot Smoking Republican”.. well liberal Republican if there is such a thing.. I personally don’t believe in substance control but there in lies the problem. If you don’t control a substance people are (usually)to stupid to control themselves. And I don’t think that your just a dumbass, I believe you kinda go through phases of stupidity or brilliance. At least I do. At one point in my life, an extremely stupid time, I was horribly addicted to OxyContin which is basically synthetic heroin. For a couple years I had this problem and I stole from friends and did just all around bad shit. Then, I think, I entered a time of brilliance, I believe more commonly referred to a “Moment Of Clarity” but it didn’t last for just a moment I am still experiencing this “Golden Age of Intelligence” and I feel literally smarter than I ever have. Okay okay, I’m rambling. To wrap up I think it comes down, like others previously posted, to the individual. If the individual is in a particularly weak time in his life then I believe any drug use will have a detrimental effect on him/her. In the same hand if a person is in a stable time with a strong head on his/her shoulders I think they have a BETTER chance of resisting addiction. Not to say they won’t get caught up in some crazy shit if they let it get to them. Now I’m not explicitly talking about buds and addiction, although Marijuana is definetly a gateway drug. Basically if you can handle then by all means feel free to try, do, love and enjoy whatever floats your boat. But if your life gets fucked up, always remember it was YOUR choice to begin with.

    Hopefully this has some relation to this thread. I didn’t read all the posts only skimmed. For a more comprehensive discussion on addiction and drugs in general check out my blog at:

  126. whig Says:


    What you wrote contained a great deal of confusion and misinformation. Cannabis is not a gateway drug and does not cause any detrimental effects to health.

    Oxycontin is a very dangerous and addictive drug. I am glad that you have discontinued it.

  127. Drugs and Addiction « MJDamage Says:

    […] 10th, 2007 I was checking out some blogs today and I stumbled upon a couple threads discussing marijuana and other drugs and there effects on intelligence. I, of course, left my 2-cents and decided that I […]

  128. mikeydee3937 Says:

    There was no misinformation at all in that post. I simply stated how things can get out of hand with any drug use. I’m not, in any way, putting down the use of marijuana. I am simply stating that you have to be careful.

  129. mikeydee3937 Says:

    In follow up, this is what you posted on my site:

    I believe that cannabis is unlike drugs of addiction in that it is not itself physically addictive (does not produce withdrawal or tolerance or physical dependency) and has no harmful effects upon the physiology.

    I couldn’t agree more. If anything it has mostly positive affects. And I am by no means trying to compare it to Oxys.

  130. whig Says:

    One has to watch one’s budget, I suppose. That would seem to be the main thing, but if you just grow your own cannabis there’s not much harm or limit that I can see if the laws weren’t a problem.

    Really, cannabis isn’t harmful to consume in any dose or for any duration.

  131. whig Says:

    The best way to understand this is to recognize that cannabis is food. Good, nutritious food, in fact.

  132. mikeydee3937 Says:

    HAHA yea and it tastes gooooood!

  133. whig Says:

    It tastes fine. It is good to mix with honey. It’s not a joke. You can make bhang very easily.

    The seeds of the cannabis plant are a nearly complete human nutrition in and of themselves.

  134. whig Says:

    This post has been viewed precisely 420 times in the past 30 days. I just happened to see that and thought I’d mention it.

  135. whig Says:

    This has had 3,527 views since original posting.

  136. Tremongstanooloop Says:

    whig, you obviosly haven’t been smoking weed for all that long, maybe only a few years at the most. Everybody justifies their pot use to begin with, because to be honest, it really doesn’t seem harmful at first. I always used to argue that one could function properly on pot and of course the ever so poular “pot is safer than alcohol” argument. However after many years of use, you’ll realise that your memory is fucked, your social skills are screwed (you only seem to get along with other pot heads) and worst of all, if you decide to quit, it will be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do and most likely will not succeed (most of my friends I used to blaze with are still hopelessly addicted even though they realize the psychological and physical problems associated with pot use). I probably won’t convince you now about how bad it is, but you’ll see one day – I garantee it

  137. Tremongstanooloop Says:

    On another note regarding the good ol “pot is safer than alcohol” argument. Now it is true that alcohol can make a person incoherently intoxicated and violent. It is also true that many people die from alcohol related illnesses and it is much easier to overdose on alcohol and die from it than cannabis. However, the majority of alcohol drinkers do drink responsibly, sometimes occassionaly over-doing it (everybody has done this at least once). Now, one would have to drink quite a copious amount of alcohol on a regular basis to get health problems from it. And one would have to purposely consume a large amount to get uncontrollably “smashed. My point is that alcohol is nowhere near as mind altering and potent as pot on a hit to hit basis(good weed at least). Think about it. Does one beer have as much as an effect as one hit of good weed? (this answer will vary with those that have a high tolerce with weed) Now, the problem with weed is, it has a whole array of psychological and health problems of its own. It ruins self esteem, ego (as whig mentioned that he realised that he wasn’t so smart) and is highly carcinogenic (after smoking weed for a while you will notice problems with the lungs and throat, and these symptoms are much more acute than those associated with tobacco smoking). It also tends to make most people lazy (not everyone though). In conclusion cannabis and alcohol are both drugs which can cause many problems (health and social). However, alcohol can be used in moderation and will have absolutely no long lasting ill effects on the body. However, even moderate pot smoking will cause longer lasting health and psychological issues (this will probably not be very noticable in the first few years of smoking, but it will catch up to ya). I’m not taking sides with any drug here, I’m just laying out the facts. Peace, have fun but know when to stop. : )

  138. Tremongstanooloop Says:

    Cannabis makes good tea. Won’t get you high but is very good for you. Try it when you have a cold and see what happens. : )

  139. whig Says:

    If cannabis is bad for health, I wonder why my medical doctors keep telling me that it’s good for me.

    I guess they don’t realize that despite studies proving no increased risk of cancer or any other disease due to cannabis consumption, experts like Tremongstanooloop know better.

  140. whig Says:

    It does make good tea, though. I recommend using the vaporizer to avoid combusting the herb, and reserve the used material for tea. Adding a little honey is perhaps helpful and tasty as well.

  141. Tremongstanooloop Says:

    1. Give me one study that proves that cannabis doesn’t increase the risk of cancer. I know people who have died of lung, throat and mouth cancer who only smoked pot (no tobacco). I also know one lady that has suffered a collapsed lung. However, these risks are decreased through vapourisation and are completely eliminated by eating your pot rather than smoking it (but who can afford that unless they grow their own).
    2.What sort of medical doctors do you have? Sure, I agree that pot has its medicinal uses (not that they are the most effective for their type of treatments) but using it recreationally will harm you over an extended period of time. Now, theres nothing wrong with blazing on a special occassion like a party, however there is such a high risk of addiction (people do not notice how hooked they are until they try to quit) that one should be very careful.

  142. Tremongstanooloop Says:

    Now I know some might argue that pot is not addictive, or that there is no evidence proving it. The most popular argument is “I only smoke pot because I want to and if I wanted to stop it I will” The truth is, pot isn’t addictive to the same extent as meth or coke, but is pretty similar. It is habit forming and people often find that they get bored without it. The reason people find it so hard to quit is because cannabis feels so damn good (and I agree). People often get split up within themselves (part of them want to quit while the other half of them is telling them that there is no harm in continuing the habit). Now don’t get me wrong, people have a right to blaze but doing it over an extended peiod of time will cause problems.

  143. whig Says:

    1. Large Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana and Lung Cancer, Scientific American, May 24, 2006.
    2. I have a lot of doctors. Internist, oncologist, orthopedist, endocrinologist, and otolaryngologist, plus a family practitioner and a naturopath.

  144. whig Says:

    Basically, you are full of shit.

  145. Tremongstanooloop Says:

    You want to throw studies at me, here read this one at Studies are not very good on debating issues like these as they don’t prove or disprove anything (your study does not prove anything, it just fails to find a link and when it comes to a subject such as cancer, nobody is exactly sure what causes what but can only find indicators). All you have to do is look at people who have been smoking weed for a very long time. They all have that cough (often referred to as bongitis) and are often clearing their throat. I myself have been around pot and have been smoking it for 41 years. I now have a variety of health problems as a result. Now I’m not saying that I’m severely ill or dying and in fact I’m pretty healthy(i believe I have a strong immune system) but when I compare myself to others my age who never touched the stuff (or at least never got into a HABIT of taking it on a regular basis) I look older and have that pot smoker look. (smoking pot for a while really shows on ya) I definately could have done a lot more with my life and made more money. I could have at least achieved something. This is the same story as most pot smokers I know. I’m not saying it ruins your life (however it can for many people) or anything but it definately holds you back from your true potential. As you said before whig, you used to think you were smart. Thats a good thing, strong self esteem and ego are what drive people to do great things. Pot does make people more humble and modest (except those who have exceptionally strong self esteem and ego – and are in the minority) but it does so at the expense of you reaching your full potential. My knowledge comes from years and years of experience buddy, I’ve smoked it, grown it, sold it, made hash, hash oil and every possible thing you could do with this plant. But I have experienced financial problems, employment problems, social problems, psychological problems, legal problems (getting caught with weed a few of times and eventually doing time for distribution) marriage/family problems and health problems all because of pot. Other pot smokers who have smoked as long as me have similar stories. Although the sweet reefer gave me a lot of comfort during hard times. So you go by your studies and say I’m full of shit all you like kiddo because its your life, your choice, I have nothing more to lose (unlike you). I feel I’ve spent enough of my life writing these posts to try and give you some sort of understanding of problems you will be facing in the future with this wickedly beautiful and fragrant plant. Reply to this post (it will be my last) any way you like, I have given my two cents. Anyway, you obviously need to see and experience these problems for yourself before you understand them. And when you do, remember what I said. Hopefully you will stop using pot before then. You’ve already experienced its wonderful effects, but continuing it on a regular basis and using it recreationally is abusing it. Peace, and all the best whig. You seem like a very intelligent person – be fuckin proud of it. Oh, and don’t underestimate pot’s potential to be a gateway drug. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will lead you to harder drugs but it will expose you to them (people who do take hard drugs all start out on pot, a black market substance). Plus, an interest in getting high often evolves to wanting to get “higher”. Not that this is you, its just very naive to say that pot isn’t a gateway drug. : )

  146. whig Says:

    Thanks for your final thoughts, Tremongstanooloop. It is true that cannabis prohibition has wrought a lot of harm and caused a lot of victims to suffer. If you have been mistreated in this way, as it seems you have, then I am very sorry. It is my hope to end this sort of injustice, by making cannabis legal for adults to consume, as it is a safer alternative to alcohol or tobacco for recreation.

    By ending cannabis prohibition, we restore a legal, regulated market in cannabis, and end the criminal enterprises which prosper only in contraband. All of the problems you have identified are cured by this simple change of legal status.

  147. whig Says:

    I concur with the Drug Policy Alliance on this:

    Most marijuana users never use any other illegal drug. Indeed, for the large majority of people, marijuana is a terminus rather than a gateway drug.

    Cannabis is something that can help people to reduce or discontinue harmful addictions to opiates, cocaine, and other drugs of abuse.

  148. mark anthony Says:

    i am a 8 year old boi from cuba i just learned to read and rite on the internet they provided i wanted to tell my story of how marihuana raped my mother and killed my father why would u do that to me??? 😦

  149. bobby Says:

    Hey whig, i’m a 17 year old boy from new jersey. I used to be one of those kids that was mister “anti-drug”. I hung out with all the jocks in my school and would only drink on the weekends. About 7 months ago, i figured I would give weed a shot, the rest is history. I ended up loving it. It’s not that I hated my life without marijuana, but i found myself depressed 80% of the time. These last 7 months I have smoked an average of around twice a day and I only have good things to say. I can TRUTHFULLY say that marijuana has made me a smarter and better person overall. Some of the things I think of when im high i would never think of when i’m sober, but i can still use those thoughts in the sober life. It as also helped me find my true 2 best friends that i know I will have for the rest of my life. Now however, latley i’ve been starting to really ask myself is this right? I dont even know what marijuana is to me. Is it perhaps my escape from a depressing reality? Or is it just something to do in the boring town i live in? Now i’m looked at as one of the biggest “potheads” in my high school. Now do i give a fuck?.. not in the least bit. However what im starting to feel like im losing is a little bit of self identity, because i know im not nearly the same person as i was 8 months ago, and i really do think i’m a better person, but the question i have to ask myself is that is this truley me? Im not going to call this an inner battle, because what I have with marijuana is defantly not a battle, and if i were to quit right now, 30 years from now i can look back on my life and say marijuana did only good things for me and not regret a second of it. This morning i was laying in bed and thinking about quiting weed, and whenever im high i feel like im doing it way to much, but i just dont know. After waking up today and reading this you have convinced me to keep going with it. I myself have once said that I can never abandon mary jane because it has always been there for me when i needed it the most, kind of like a true friend. But right now I think i just might be a little bit lost. Is this normal? I appreciate any output you can give me.

  150. whig Says:

    Bobby, I do not recommend cannabis to minors. I hope you understand why I cannot discuss it with you. Thank you for your comments and I hope you will continue to read and learn as much as you can about the subject.

  151. X Says:

    ive been smoking for 30 years and i smoke pot oopenly with my two kids (15 and 17) and my wife

  152. whig Says:

    X, I’m not sure what point you had.

  153. TREEman! Says:

    Smoke the weed man! Take the pills man! Steal from other people and smoke the meth man! Gotta be cool man!

  154. whig Says:

    No, don’t do that. It isn’t cool, man.

  155. X Says:

    my point is you sayin u wont discuss pot with minors but if u dont they could make some bad mistakes and another thing think back to when u were a kid. when was the first time u smoked pot??? also its harder for kids today trust me smoking pot with my kids has made me more open to them and them more open to me.

  156. whig Says:

    Well this isn’t your family blog, and I don’t think this is an appropriate place to talk about giving cannabis to children.

  157. Rickyc Says:

    ur pretty up ur own ass making this stupid blog if i saw u on the street i would punch u on the fucking nose who do u think u are o i smoked pot all tis time and i feel stupid cry me a fucking river u homo

  158. Sonny Says:

    can smoking pot kill you??? and what are some effects of long term use??

  159. Zen smoker Says:

    smoking pot will make u just like everyone else it will turn u into a zombie u will live in a daze and never accomplish anything solid.

  160. whig Says:

    I think that these are all likely the same person now, trying to make this thread into some sort of childish pretend argument between themselves. If it continues I guess I’ll close the thread, there’s lots more to cannablog.

  161. ALL one Says:

    sorry im just goofing around ill leave this forum to a real discussion.

  162. treeMAN! Says:

    Hey whig man, do you wanna buy some meth man? I also sell needles man! Whack it up and forget about weed man! Oh wait thats right, you’ll stay up all night smoking all your bud man! This is why we must legalize weed man! So you can afford to buy more weed man!

  163. TREEman! Says:

    So what man? You wanna have a cry man? You wanna close this thread man? Buy some weed off me man! Get high, don’t cry man! Gotta be cool man!

  164. whig Says:

    No, as I said. And I don’t live anywhere near Sydney, Australia. Goodbye.

  165. sabian Says:

    “Nobody has ever gone into anaphylactic shock from cannabis” well this is crap because i just got out of hospital for this EXACT thing. lol. from handling the material. One is not anti or pro MJ, however a logical fact remains that it is NOT FOR EVERYONE. I used to handle MJ on a regular basis. I.E: EVERY DAY. And now i have an allergy to it (contact with it, dont know about smoking it as i havent smoked it for 8 years and dont intent on trying to again).

    Just wanted to clear that up about the “Nobody” bit. cheers.

  166. Michael Says:

    I disbelieve you, sabian. You can document your claim?

  167. santasmoker Says:

    can pot eventualy lead to phycosis(former E user no longer drink or use other drugs) i am showing symptoms of borderline phycosis

  168. Michael Says:

    Santasmoker, if you think you are having a psychological problem you might want to seek help. It may be possible for cannabis to bring existing psychosis forward, but it may also be helpful in treating psychosis. There doesn’t seem to be any risk of cannabis causing psychosis in anyone not already disposed. Of course if you have used other illicit drugs as you have indicated those can have long-range effects.

    I am not a psychiatrist and don’t presume to treat your mental condition, but I hope this helps.

  169. Derek Says:

    Hey out there to fellow pot smokers. I would like to ask u if u think pot will leave u in a daze you will never really accomplish anything solid????? i think personally marijuana is only good for when ur gonna watch a good movie or christmas time u may find me old fashioned but thats just the way i like it. and who likes B.C bud you know where the capital for marijuana and we grow the best in the world and we are founders of the first marijauana political party we are the #1 pot smokers???

  170. Michael Says:

    I think if you wake-and-bake for awhile you adapt. Some people prefer this. Some don’t.

  171. Derek Says:

    thanks for the feedback but to the point its not just about adapting to it but ive been researching it and if u do it on a regular basis it can “screw up” your motivattion and without motivation you might miss out on alot of things. You may have become president of the U.S.A but instead you got bakednd settled for a crumby political deak job (just an example not saying you be president withouth weed)

  172. Michael Says:

    No, your research is faulty, Derek, and obviously you are dishonest to refer to anyone as “fellow pot smokers.”

  173. Derek Says:

    lol my research is faulty? do i not have the right to call myself a fellow pot smoker??it is funny how u cant except anyone elses ideas also i never said i believed the idea merely throwing it out there for discussion…… but its ok you are very opinionated mabye its my irish blood but i just cant except an idea that isnt open for any debate. the way u make it out is pot doesnt realy harm only the ways i know and everything else is just “faulty” as u say it.

  174. Michael Says:

    I don’t believe you smoke pot. You diss pot. So you don’t use it. And if you do, you shouldn’t because you think it is bad. So don’t use pot.

  175. D.W. Says:

    the government has a LONG history of distributing misconceptions to the public, which circulate and evolve as intended. the simple fact is that the government is made up of people just like us, except with much more power, the power to govern land and people. weed does what its user intends, its all in your head, and just like alcohol, how you use it is how you want to use it. alot of people stop caring about life, and get lazy and talk slow and do nothing. i know people that have smoked for decades and are incredibly intelligent, everything flows out of their mouth as unparalleled and astounding wisdom. if weed became legal there would be advertisings all over hell, and theyd all say ‘smoke responsibly

  176. Michael Says:

    Government misinformation to one side; unlike alcohol, cannabis cannot be fatally overdosed. Unlike alcohol, cannabis does not impair driving performance. Unlike alcohol, cannabis does not contribute to violence and rape.

  177. D.W. Says:

    your right about all of those michael but i have to argue with driving performance. when people are very high their motor skills and reaction time is lessened to a certain degree,ive noticed it in others and myself as well as read it. now theres more to it but with that information right there you can logically say your driving performance will be impaired. But when you factor in reason, you can be ‘pleasently high’ or you can be ‘incapacitated on the couch high’. So it would be narrow-minded to claim there is no possibility of driving impairment, though it is entirely dissimilar from alcohol in how it impairs you. i threw this together a bit too fast but you get the point.

  178. Michael Says:

    I think people who feel impaired by cannabis do not drive in that condition. This is also unlike alcohol, where people feel more competent than they actually are. In reality, road tests have shown that perceived impairment by cannabis is greater than any actual performance impact. There has been no evidence that cannabis contributes to a higher risk, at any rate. Time sense is altered by cannabis and seems to run more slowly, so you may feel like you are responding with less speed when you are in fact responding normally.

  179. Derek Says:

    i do but i was merely asking a question calm down im not “dissing” the most important thing in ur life all i was doing was asking a question and u got all defencive.

  180. Derek Says:

    merry christmas by the way

  181. D.W. Says:

    for your first point you claim people dont drive when they are ripped? it happens all the time. I know 2 people that have crashed while high. its difficult to focus on the road and your mind wanders, sure it may be different for some. but your statement about feeling like your responding more slowly when your responding normally doesnt make sense. it is not consistent. if you are trying to adjust your perception of reality with reality then you are ‘impaired’.

  182. Michael Says:

    Impairment is measurable, by accident statistics and other methods, and cannabis by itself is not associated with a higher risk of accidents. When used in combination with alcohol it may increase the effects and therefore cause impairment.

  183. Johnny butt Says:

    i believe if u smoke pot everyday u are mis using it if u smoke before u drive or goto work u are mis using it the guy who runs this blog is very obnoxious and probaly will have a problem with what im saying

  184. Michael Says:

    I don’t have a problem with you having an opinion, and so if you want to use it every so often that’s okay too.

  185. Michael Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too. I’m late as usual.

  186. Jesse james Says:

    how many pot brownies does it take to mess u up (1g in each) SHOULD I EAT BEFORE OR AFTER????

  187. Michael Says:

    You can have your brownie and eat it too.

  188. D.W.does Says:

    does anybody else here notice this? i cant help but feel very stupid when im high, its either i feel very smart and have intense revelations where i understand everything on a new level or if i have no auditory or visual stimulant i just sit and stare. i suppose if you have something to occupy you its alot more interesting, but sometimes, if your high for days, weeks, or months, does anybody ever just feel dumb? i mean, its obviously the stereotype for a pothead, but im not one to label, and id like to ask people that may do it often. any input or opinion on this would be interesting to me and definitly will go down as something to look back on in my book, i am all ears.

  189. Michael Says:

    If you have no auditory or visual stimulant you might try covering your eyes and meditating.

  190. D.W. Says:

    i should have expected a smartass response from you michael. i cant cover my eyes and meditate while im at work.asshole

  191. Michael Says:

    If you’re going to come here and call me names, please don’t. If you’re reading my blog at work, that’s probably not a good idea. Unless it’s part of your job description.

  192. D.W. Says:

    my point is that i wasnt asking for alternative stimulants while high, i was asking if youve ever felt dumb because you smoke so much. and do you forget things?

  193. Michael Says:

    The short answer is No. Cannabis changes how I think and remember things but does not cause a reduction of my intelligence or memory. Short term recall is temporarily affected but with some experience it doesn’t cause significant impairment.

  194. Michael Says:

    Have I ever felt stupid? Yes. Read the post. Not because I used too much cannabis but because I was too inexperienced.

  195. Trained drug counsellor Says:

    i know all your stoner friends tell you its totally harmless and blahblahblah, but it truely can have long-term negative side effects.
    thc binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your brain, and just like with mdma, excessive use will cause the receptors to downregulate or shut down or whatever. the inactivity of the receptors is the cause of the negative effects. a lot of the cannabinoid receptors are located in the area of your brain that regulates memory, which is the reason for poor memory and memory loss (your brain uses cannabinoid-related chemicals to help regulate memory, introducing artificial cannabinoids in repeated/high doses can totally fuck things up)
    another thing your stoner friends fail to tell you is that marijuana is addicting, but that seems pretty obvious to anyone who actually takes a step back and observes. if you smoke it every day for months even years on end, how could you not be addicted? your brain expects to have all its neurochemicals and such in a certain balance and when this balance is thrown off, say by a loss of a certain chemical (the drug you’ve been doing and suddenly quit), you go into withdrawl.

  196. Trained drug counsellor Says:

    withdrawl effects extremelly mild

  197. Michael Says:

    Some people use cannabis medicinally, and for them removal of cannabis is very painful. It is not withdrawal in this case, it is the lack of relief which cannabis provides.

    There are many ways to treat pain, some of them are more effective than others, and some of them have harmful side effects.

    Many pain relievers are dangerous in the doses necessary to be effective for serious pain. Tylenol and aspirin kill many people every year, as do opiates. These drugs either cause damage to bodily organs, or suppress the central nervous system so far that breathing ceases and death results.

    Cannabis cannot be overdosed to death, it does no harm to the body, and it costs nothing if people were only allowed to grow it for themselves. There’s a lot of money in patent pharmaceutical medicines, and a lot of profit motive to keep cannabis illicit.

    Cannabis should be classified as an adaptogenic herb. The seeds are food, and the leaves and flowers are for the healing of people and nations.

  198. Trained drug counsellor Says:

    i think that was very off the point

  199. Michael Says:

    I don’t think it is off the point at all. You referred to “all my stoner friends” and most of my friends who use cannabis use it medicinally and spiritually.

  200. D.W. Says:

    if somebody wants to become stupid thats their problem. but it just makes me want to do it when i see that one of my best friends has been dealing since he was 11 and now hes 22 working 2 jobs and smoking all the time, he also plays drums and has in my opinion a great taste in music.he just doesnt seem stupid too me,whereas if i compared him to alot of other people i know they are just fucking retarded. so i guess what im trying to discern is what specifically causes the person to be stupid, it must just be the nature of that person.i also know an 18 yr old from jamaica that smokes everyday, hes going to graduate this year and hes smart as hell, it doesnt matter whether youd say thats opinionated, im talking about the difference between your typical slow stoner and your very bright friend who always has something good to say.shortly after he moved here he said ‘you guys smoke for weird reasons.’ the fact that theres a culture out there with those beliefs just makes me rethink what the possibilties for it actually are. because in a culture where people perceive it as a positive thing its obviously turned out differently.I guess im neutral but a little angry that there are facts missing because people want it that way.

  201. D.W. Says:

    ill add that the jamaican friend is in great shape physically, and exercises alot. i know that a great amount of thc is stored in body fat, but if hes always burning it,maybe that has something to do with it? just an idea.

  202. D.W. Says:

    and michael im sorry earlier about being aggravated,after i realized you were the one that made this blog i had alot more respect for you because im exactly like that. its hard to explain but my whole life i never had friends, and i was extremely hyper,i also thought very highly of myself,i thought i was very different from others, this caused me to isolate myself in very damaging ways, i was very depressed for many years. i used to think about killing myself daily. i would see other people with their friends, being happy and talking about things that didnt feel important to me, and i looked down on them.i put up a wall to taking things in, and i never knew what real life was, because it was too painful to feel and deal with. i never had a relationship with my family, but my dad always told me that the same things happened to him, and that he didnt break out of it until he was late in high school. i didnt fully understand why, but how he described it made perfect sense. i did make friends at some point, but i was still a loser to most people, i was in my own world. i had never tried weed,but i knew alot of kids that smoked alot, and one time they got me to try it. at first i was very paranoid and it was difficult for my friends to calm me down, i was complaining that i couldnt find my heart beat and i thought i was dead.i just wanted it to be over. so i came away from smoking with the idea that it was a horrible thing and that i didnt need it in my life, i was terrified of it to be honest. but i was also angry that some of the chics i had a crush on could do it and i couldnt, this made me wonder why it did what it did to me, and not other people. eventually, after telling somebody about my experience, i was told that what i was doing was fighting the high, and that i needed to embrace it. so i tried it again. and a good friend of myne played some music i enjoyed, im sure now,looking back on it, that he saw that he needed to make me do something i liked normally, so i could see how it was intensified, as a way of forcing me to accept it. and it worked, i was baked out of my mind, i felt like a puddle on the couch, and it was hard to focus on things, but after he put the music on he told me to think about my life and myself, it was amazing, it was like i could see how other people perceived me, and suddenly i understood why i was so rejected. at the same time i realized that i wasnt so different from everybody id known, i realized that i wasnt perfect, and that all the kids had picked on me because i was dealing with something that they didnt understand, the kids that were my friends were looking through the surface.
    I found that the pain in my life retracted and i floated to a horizon of reason, not illusional reason, the kindof reason that flows out of a friends mouth when your world is shaken by burdens.its something that hits you, you dont have to find it.and so everything that my father had told me made complete sense, i fully realized his intentions in things he taught thought was amplified and allowed me to explore creativity in complete liberation, i was taking emotions in, and it occured to me that i hadnt really lived a day in my whole life. i hadnt felt love, i had been dead inside,and weed woke was such an amazing experience, from then on, i actually accepted reality. it was a shortcut to making me the person i am and may not have become. i no longer deal with depression or isolation. it literally saved me from killing myself. i would smoke it everyday now,but i dont NEED to, and thats why i ask the questions about whether it will make you stupid. i do still smoke on occation, once a month or so. but im careful not to overdue it,because i think its wise.So this is how i decided to explain my views of it. and by the way im 17, turning 18 in about a week. just so anybody wondering knows.

  203. Michael Says:

    I will say that stupid people and smart people both use cannabis, and smart people do not become stupid because they use cannabis, but if you are a minor you should not seek approval from me to use it.

  204. Trained drug counsellor Says:

    k well, its my opinion that being in great shape is fine but that has nothing to do with effects of cannabis nor does your taste in music. Marijuana effects your lungs, and could i ask u michael are u using marijuana for medical reasons? id like to add i have nothing against people who smoke marijuana. I used marijuana for several years.

  205. Michael Says:

    I think you’d find out a lot more about me by reading more of this blog. I’m not really interested in having an interview here. Cannabis can be vaporized or eaten, rather than smoked, if you are concerned about smoke irritation.

  206. D.W. Says:

    i assure you that in a week my view of marijuana will not have changed, and im not asking for your approval, im asking questions about marijuana, im also sick of this formal smartass attitude. why dont you stop avoiding questions, you phrase everything with complete disrespect for what everybody has to say. You didnt say anything about my opinions until i said i was a ‘minor’ im sure you realize its used by quite a few high schoolers, whos opinions also mean something. nobody is going to send you to jail for talking about marijuana with a minor. i know your going to say something like ‘again,i will not discuss marijuana with a minor’ shove it up your ass michael.lets actually take the conversation somewhere, who gives a shit about who uses it medicinally thats not what were talking about. and drug counsellor, aside from fucking up your lungs,marijuana does not have long term effects, after youve burned off enough fat or it stops circulating in your blood stream you return to normal, so if you use it occasionally i really dont think its very harmful, i mean theres no hangover,you cant overdose, its not addictive in the literal sense,but it can become habit. i dont see why a responsible person shouldnt be able to use it on occasion at a party or with friends, look at what alcohol does, it makes alot of people aberrant, it fucks up your liver, alot of people drink to the point that they get sick when they dont. marijuana doesnt do any of these things. i got a bunch of books on it once and read through what it did to the brain, each book said something different, so there must be some big misconceptions, are tests being done anymore?

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