Sunday thoughts

FoM, of Cannabis News, explains some of the ways that ending cannabis hemp prohibition will create jobs and make money for people who are motivated by financial considerations:

I will type just a few job ideas. Bedding for horses. Grain probably for cattle. Durable clothing. Even a seasoning for food. Fuel for vehicles. Hemp is helpful in cleaning up a toxic area. Hemp oil for health. Hemp ice cream for fun. Hemp bread for food. Farm land that is idle could be developed and maybe we could cut our need for foreign oil in time with hemp and other plants. People would be needed to work on the farms and that makes jobs.

Many farmers and workers in America are struggling today, and in addition to all the benefits that accrue to society from the use of cannabis and cannabis hemp for medicine, food, fiber, fuel and yes, recreation, there is a huge economic jobs aspect. Not to mention the elimination of massive costs currently spent on a failed prohibition policy, and the imprisonment of large numbers of otherwise productive workers and providers. We could have full employment for anyone who wants to work, and the ability to support yourself on even a small garden if you are so inclined.


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