How to hack an election

BRAD BLOG has the story. You can also read this dKos diary entry or watch this video from FOX News, of all places:

And here is a security demonstration:


5 Responses to “How to hack an election”

  1. How To: Hack A Voting Machine In 4 Minutes!! (w/PIX) « TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld Says:

    […] Holy hacktastical SH!TE angry hippie!! Now the democrats can “win” an election too!! whig Says: Videos here. […]

  2. Hackeando urna eletrônica em 4 min! « falamansa blog Says:

    […] Aqui tem outra notícia mostrando como ‘hackear’ as urnas eletrônicas usadas nos estados unidos, dessa vez com fotos e um mais vídeo! […]

  3. What comes next? « cannablog Says:

    […] Related articles: How to hack an election, As church, so state, Was George Bush ever elected president? […]

  4. And in another sunny part of the country « cannablog Says:

    […] See, the problem isn’t that these stories are proven to be true, because they are just allegations. The problem is that they are credible, and they are credible because these machines have no proven trust. Do you think that it is appropriate to trust corporations that have partisan relationships to count your votes, even when they’ve already been proven to have made machines that can be hacked? […]

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