I pray for George Bush

I do. I hope he finds peace some day. I hope that his understanding will come soon that he is not going to win. We are not against America. We are Americans. And people of all other countries too, are eager to be friends with us, the leadership of this country is lying to us.

They do not hate our “freedom” they hate our government. The government defines itself as freedom. It defines war as peace making. It is making peace in the Middle East — the peace of the grave.

And George Bush wonders if there is a new religious awakening. He wonders if he is part of it. He is, and it is, and he is on the wrong side. He is my brother, and my friend, and my sadly lost sheep.

So all you Republicans who are reading this and think that I hate you, I do not. I despise the things that are being done in your name. I am asking you to withdraw your consent. I am saying that you should take some responsibility to find out what is going on and pull your own head out and say you won’t be party to it. You won’t be party and that means you won’t be in the same party. Do you understand?

You always have a choice to belong to any organization. You never have to sign away your right to disagree, and to express your disagreement through disassociation. If you have a member that behaves in ways unacceptable, then you have a choice of either removing that member from the organization or removing yourself. You can stay and negotiate if you are making progress and if the organization has not descended to the point of committing crimes. When the organization commits crimes it is a criminal organization. You are a member of a criminal organization if you are a Republican today.

Please come out of there. Let this be reduced to the smallest number of evil actors and we can deal with them peacefully. There is no need for you to fight us, and we will care about you and take as much time as it requires to help. We love you all.

Will you please accept that your friends and your loved ones use cannabis? Will you please stop condemning us? Will you love us and care for us, as we will for you? That is the base of this conflict, today.


5 Responses to “I pray for George Bush”

  1. mayan Says:

    I concur, whig. I would be willing to forgive even Bush,Cheney,Rumsfeld,Rove,Rice,etc. if they would just admit that they have screwed up beyond belief and took steps to stop this madness. There are good folks and crooks in every party. Until then, they are just creating more enemies by the day which “justifies” more funding for the military and the police-state.

    I Remeber when Bush said, “I am a uniter, not a divider.”

    Some folks actually believed him but look where we are now.

  2. whig Says:

    Mayan, the truth is it isn’t up to me to forgive them. I have not personally been tortured by the administration. I have only seen that it is happening, and have documented it so that others who have not will see it too.

    I have lost no family members to this administration’s wars. I have not been imprisoned much less disappeared without counsel. I have not been subjected to discrimination on account of my ethnicity or my religion. In truth, I have no cause at all to complain on my own account.

    But it is a betrayal of trust, a demonstration of malice, a threat which hangs over all of us. It is a denial of security, an ever present caution that we must be so careful not to be swept up and put in the concentration camps that will come, that have come already in places where Arabs and Muslims are stored, in places like Guantanamo, and others whose names we do not know.

    There are many apologies owed to the victims of this, and the dead cannot be apologized to in life.

    When George Bush finally discovers who he is and what he has done, when he has lost the hope of victory, when he squarely faces it, he will go mad. He will be an insane person as he is now, but he will be unable to conceal his internal torment. And we will be there to help him. He may partake of cannabis whenever he is ready to do so.

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