Music is essential

Daniel Levitin and Farhad Manjoo talk about the neuroscience of music:

Humans prefer music of their own culture when they’re toddlers, but it’s in our teens that we choose the specific sort of music that we’ll love forever. These years, Levitin explains, are emotional times, “and we tend to remember things that have an emotional component because our amygdala and neurotransmitters act in concert to ‘tag’ the memories as something important.”

Peter Gabriel sledgehammered my generation to get our attention. And then explained. It won’t make sense to people from another generation, I guess. Or maybe it does. I understand what they were doing in the sixties. It worked.

And this post will either make sense to you, or it is for someone else.


One Response to “Music is essential”

  1. Nuevo Mexicano Says:

    Museman has a great song, just one detail, and it’s big!

    If George Harrison got sued for ‘He’s so fine’, I can’t imagine Museman thinking noone has ever heard the tune!

    Nice blog, I will visit regularly and comment as well!

    You can email me too!

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