…and they all went to heaven in a little rowboat


Underground civilization

Principles of flight

Who made this bridge?

Adam's bridge

Oh hai. Ceiling cat can seez you, rly!

Invisible perfect waves made physical


Monkeyfister has more on the history.

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Posthumous economics

Let’s kick this off right

Get along now

Recommended viewing:

Decide for yourself

Open thread.

Crack the sky

In the beginning was the vibration

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Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo

Spirits of change

Hard Beatz with a Vengeance

Wish I could be there.

Hello to all who remember Pursuit of Happiness.

Hi there


Recommended viewing especially if this confuses you:

It’s only magic if you don’t understand how it’s done, but it’s still pretty cool

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There are no bad children, nor bad people, only people who have made bad choices.

Open thread.

In the year 2000

This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation

An end to need and the politics of greed

Share the land



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Every particle has free will within its bounds

So the homeopaths say

Pants on fire

Double blind

A sees B, B sees C:

Quantum reality, C sees A.

Jesus saves

I’m not here

I am that I am, and so are we all


1. At extreme dilutions, particles and waves are interchangeable. [QM] Waves persist in a fluid unless lost to friction, transference, evaporation, radiation, etc. [TD]

1a. (naked assertion) Waves are beneath atoms, beneath even quarks, waves are continuous, immaterial energy, observable through the movement of matter, the pattern of energy transfer between quanta.

1b. (support) see Bénard cells, which exhibit hysteresis.

2. Agitating and vibrating dissolved particles in fluid transfers energy to waves.



Kos v Rove Cagematch

Or should that be Pagematch?

Faux News Porn

If you’re an adult 21 years or older, click here for more hot juicy photos, videos and action.

h/t Phydeaux Speaks.

Anyone from New York City

Are you glad Rudolph Giuliani was your city’s mayor on September 11, 2001?

Come dancing

Keeping up with the pre-September 11 theme.

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A long time before September 11

Rudolph Giuliani for President of September 11

Do you think Judith gets jealous of September 11?

h/t ellroon.


Driftglass explains how David Brooks can lie with a straight face (in four parts: I, II, III, IV), the nut of it being:

 In 1982, in an essay entitled “The Spawn of Annenberg, Part 1”, Harlan Ellison wrote about his visit to San Quentin and the chilling experience of listening to the convicted murderer of a 5-year-old child explain why he couldn’t have done what he obviously had done.

The convict had stomped the boy to death, but explained that he could not have done it because he wears sneakers.

And sneakers are soft.

For a new earth

Recommended listening:


This is an open invitation to my friends and fellow bloggers, commenters and readers alike; if you would like to be a posting contributor to Cannablog, I would like to share some of the responsibilities here.

Please let me know if you are interested, privately if you prefer.

Reading project

Into the Cool, by Eric D. Schneider and Dorion Sagan.

There will be a book report later.

Maybe some of my readers will enjoy it too.

Let’s dance

Dennis Kucinich for president

h/t Glenn Greenwald, and I agree with everything he says in this post, which I encourage you to read.

“War made easy”

This film is a must see. About an hour and ten minutes in length.

h/t Monkeyfister.


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