This is my message to you.

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Are you experienced?

Have you ever been experienced?

Hat-tip Cookie Jill.

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Do you prefer plagues of locusts?

February 2, 1963- November 2, 1996

Eva Cassidy died of cancer at the age of 33, before her musical career got off the ground. She became widely known post-humously when Michelle Kwan skated to Cassidy’s ‘Fields of Gold’ during the 2002 Olympics.

Her album ‘Songbird’ is a compilation of highlights from the three music records created during Eva’s life. This particular song is my favorite. It is gospel blues. I’ll let her vocal talent speak for itself.

Do you follow this one?

Ibex male

Ibex fight one another; my wife is watching on Discovery channel. They have evolved horns, and this is the natural tendency of all warlike species.

Here is your scapegoat. Habeas corpus.

Here is proof.

Here is another picture.

We all have one father and he does not want us to kill one another.

Look it up!

The preacher on that page reinterprets things in his own dark image, to invert plain meanings with deft commentary. Read with care. Judge every tree by the fruit thereof.

Weapons of mass seduction… Adults only please.


Via Skippy.

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Iran wants war

Don’t give it to them.

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Update: More context from Ellroon.

The fifth dimension

Another good month

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Somebody broke into my car, took my underwear. That’s gross!

Y Technorati Cant Rite


Take. Eat. This is my body.

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I forgive you stupid people

Saying hello and happy blogiversary

to Dayngr.

What is six times nine in base thirteen?

The act of writing is the means by which our consciousness can be focused and analyzed for coherence. If our thoughts are jumbled we would write in such a fashion. If we have a point to make, our thoughts can be arranged around that point. If we are searching for something which others could help find, our thoughts might be phrased as questions. If we already know the answer, it might be that in asking it of others we answer it to everyone.

What is the Ultimate Question?

You know. Life, the Universe and Everything.

Can you compute?

Following, the back of the Regional Transit Connection ID Center Processing Fee Receipt calculation, and verified by my wife, the graduate statistician.

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